Friday, March 17, 2006

Lemon Angel Project 11

This is such a simple show, and yet I enjoy it every week. Because of the characters, the attractive character design, and how the characters are played. Miki, Miru and Tomo are all quite effective this week -- for those of us who actually like Shihono Ryou's voice, anyway.

And this week there is some plot. The impending debut of the new Lemon Angel Project looks to be derailed by the reappearance of the original Lemon Angel Project. And Miki comes clean about her role in making that possible.

The new LAP is trained and ready. They look forward with enthusiasm to their debut. But from their bus, they see advertisements for the LAP that look like the original group. Weird.

Miki discovers online that something is up. Then they actually see ads for the rebirth of the original LAP. Shock all round. Their producer ("good salaryman") storms in front of the company's board, but is summarily shot down. Sharp-guy-with-glasses just laughs at him. Baaad.

Back in his own office, the producer apologizes to the girls and says there is nothing they can do. Saaya says they should just go ahead and prepare, and not think about what they can't change. Enthusiasm rekindles. Miru, however, is not really ready to supplant the old LAP, if it still exists. She desperately wants to meet her heroine, Yui, the founder of the original group. She thinks she is still alive.

Katagiri, the musical director, confronts Miki and worms the truth out of her. Miru happens to overhear the programmer of the old group and secretly follows him down to his basement, where she discovers the awful truth that the original LAP was just a computer program. She calls Tomo on her cell phone, and all the girls come down to the basement and find out.

The New LAP team is all together -- producer, manager and all six girls -- and wondering how such a complex program got fixed. To the accompaniment of flashes of lightning, Miki admits it was her. More shock all round. She repaired it, removed the things she thought were not according to Yui's intentions, and passed it to the company. She calls it her "revenge."

I don't understand Miki's thinking. She fixes the program, but then gives it back into the hands of the man she blames for Yui's death, the producer who changed Yui's music and rejected her love.

I'm expecting that Miki will find a way to re-destroy the program, clearing the field for LAP2, and exorcising her own ghosts. But we still can't be sure how it will play out. Remember that Yui designed the lead singer based on her young friend Tomo. The question for Miki is: what would Yui want? Are you taking revenge on the wrong people?

This week was Miki-sempai's turn to sing the OP (Maruyama Miki). She's a trained singer, like Hirama Juri and Chihara Minori. And she has a little more color and interest in the way she sings. Almost as much as Tomo. Next week: Tomo and Yui (Shihono Ryou and Shimizu Kaori).

For a show about an idol group, this series has very few songs. Having each seiyuu do the OP is interesting, but hardly a substitute for something new. There's no question this show was put together cheaply to make a profit. Fortunately, that doesn't mean it can't also be enjoyable to watch.


Fisherman Horizon said...

I agree that LAP should have more sings and better OST as well as background music, considering its genre. Quite disappointed with most of the character songs.

The good thing is the story plot was better than my initial impression.

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