Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bokura ga Ita 08

Nana is disturbed that Yano won't really answer certain questions about his past. And when he does, he seems insincere. Will he ever tell her that something really did happen between him and Yamamoto Yuri in middle school?

The psychology of this episode seems right on to me. Threat, social pressure and desire are at war with habit, fear and self-restraint, leading Nana on toward a decision.

mother's bad timing
Yano is sorry for lying to Nana-chan

We begin as usual with the last part of the previous week's episode: Yano unable to reply to Nana's question whether anything happened between him and Yuri. Why won't you answer? she asks.

Her mother comes in to break the awkward mood. Nana thinks it's bad timing. Yano, with a totally featureless face showing his embarrassment and distance, is happy to escape the moment. He asks to use the washroom, where he goes to compose himself. He comes back and tells Nana nothing happened, and that it doesn't matter whether Yuri likes him or not, it's of no interest to him. She is still uneasy, but she accepts his word. When he is on the bus going home alone, he secretly apologizes to her.

The next day, she tells Takeuchi she asked Yano and it was just as Takeuchi had said: nothing happened between them. And she says she realized that if anything had happened, Takeuchi would have noticed. Takeuchi's face goes blank. He says her hairstyle is cute.

In the girls' toilet, Nana stands looking in the mirror, coming to terms with the fact that someone called her cute. Mizu-chin says that since Yano went to her house, they must have made love. Nana says no, it's still early. Mizu-chin is sorry for Yano having to keep holding himself back. Taka-chan asks why she doesn't want to do it. Nana says it's not that she doesn't, but she's feeling a lot of pressure, and she thinks she shouldn't be as eager as Yano. Mizu-chin switches and says she agrees. Taka-chan says Mizu-chin should hurry up and get a boyfriend.

Next we see Yano asleep in class. Yuri nudges him awake when he is asked a question. The teacher wants him to read and translate: "She was so beautiful that I wanted to make friend (sic) with her." He reads and translates, but the teacher wants him to find other possible translations. He enhances his popularity in class by translating "make friends" as "sleep with" and with the English word "fuck." Nana is really embarrassed and disgusted. As he leaves the room, Yano quietly thanks Yuri for waking him.

what did you say, Mizu-chin? so you've done it, right?
uh-oh, Nana-san overheard us uh, Mizu-chin: shut up.

We see Mizu-chin and Taka-chan discussing a rumor about Yano and someone, and deciding to keep it from Nana-chan. Then they realize Nana is standing behind them. Rumor? she asks.

Yano comes into Takeuchi's bedroom. Takeuchi says he should knock, so he goes back and knocks on the inside of the door. As he's borrowing a CD, he mentions that Nana asked him if there was anything between him and Yuri in middle school, and adds how ridiculous that is. But Takeuchi says he saw them going to Yuri's house together hand-in-hand. Yano claims he was just going to burn incense, but Takeuchi says he shouldn't imagine he can fool him, too. Yano remembers the day, discovering that Yuri was using her sister's old room, and that the altar for Nana-san had been set up in Yuri's old room, which was darker.

Next day, Mizu-chin congratulates Nana as she leaves for Yano's house to study together. Mizu-chin asks if his parents will be there, and Nana answers that she wouldn't go if they weren't. Mizu-chin tells her to have confidence. Nana-chan gives her a black look. On the bus with Yano, Nana is feeling awkward and recalcitrant. Yano tries to put his arm around her waist and she pulls it off. Looking out the window, she wonders why things seem so great for other couples and so hard for her and Yano.

At Yano's house is a note from his mother saying she will be out for a few hours. Nana-chan angrily says he planned it, but really it was pure chance. She sits at the far end of the table from him, saying the room is hot. As they are making tea, she thinks what a nice kitchen it is, and then that they are like a married couple, standing there by the counter. This causes her to blush fiercely. She mentions that her parents went together from high school and got married ten years later. How could they wait so long, says Yano. Then he realizes he's weirded Nana out again.

you knew your mother would be away. no I didn't. I'll sit over here
I'm okay with doing it uh, what do we do now?

Nana thinks she and Yano might not last ten years, and in ten years it might be another girl in this kitchen with him. He asks her to come and sit by him and promises not to do or say anything to displease her. Can you just change like that? she says. He answers: Only for a woman.

As they are finishing their study, he asks her why she's in a bad mood. She asks him if the rumor is true that he and Nana-san did it in the gym. He hems and haws, but she says it doesn't matter, it's in the past. Then, blushing, she admits that she really didn't mind his arm around her in the bus. He's about to touch her, then controls himself and makes a joke. Idiot, she thinks.

Then he looks at her seriously and says he'd like to change the past, but he can't. So let's make a present that's better than the past. She thinks how much she wants to make him hers and says suddenly: I'm okay with doing it. Doing what? he says. You don't mean make love? he laughs. The he sees her serious look and as they stare at each other across the table, the ED comes up.... She says to herself: Maybe I'm just being carried away, but I don't see any reason to care.

Preview: She's saying to herself that she doesn't know how they got to this and it was she who suggested it. We see him taking off his shirt, embarrassing her, but saying that they can stop whenever she wants. She says: Make me yours.


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oh my gosh I could not wait till the next episode. O.O

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I can't wait for episode 9!!

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Is Yano left handed or right-handed? During the last scene in the episode, he held the pen with his left hand (in your pic) but in the end, he "dropped" the pen from his right hand...

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Thank you so much for reviewing this show! and so quickly, I'm really greatful! I love Bokura ga Ita!!