Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Saiunkoku Monogatari -- Characters' faces and names

I enjoy this series a lot, but I'm having trouble being sure who is who. So I made a page with faces, names and short bios of the main characters, to try to keep everything straight.

shuurei ryuuki seiran

Saiunkoku: Characters' faces and names

The bios are mainly from the official site's characters page, as are the pictures. I've added the names of the voice actors. And since the show is set in China – a fantasy version of the Tang period, I think – I've added the Chinese pronunciation of their names. This helps me, anyway, since I know Chinese a lot better than I know Japanese. And in any case, the sounds of the names differ more in Chinese.

Other resources:

Bertram Amparo's summaries of the first three volumes of the novel -- which is now up to volume 10.

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