Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Updated: TV schedule, Simoun, Saiunkoku, favorite shows

I've updated the hashihime TV schedule calendar:
1. to put all shows in the order they appear each day (first showing only)
2. with working links to their homepages, and
3. sadly, to remove Karin, which has finished its entertaining run. Yahagi Sayuri saikou!

The Simoun characters' faces and names page has been updated to include characters introduced up to episode 7.

The Saiunkoku characters' faces and names page has been updated to include characters introduced up to episode 6.

Halfway into the spring season, I find myself continuing to admire Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu and Simoun above all others. Simoun just gets better and better. I found my chest heavy with emotion through episodes 6 and 7. SHnY is, perhaps with the exception of episode 6, maintaining its incredible quality.

strawberry panicHigurashi no Naku Koro ni is growing in my esteem. And so is Strawberry Panic, which is not an ambitious show, but is providing entertaining light shoujo-ai, playing ironic but emotion-filled changes on romance riffs created in Marimite, Oniisama-e, and Utena -- with even a touch of Kannazuki no Miko (for better or worse) in episode 7.

and Westwitch continue to be enthralling, both with such wonderful heroines -- especially Saiunkoku.

Joshi Kousei, on the other hand, is dropping out of even my "guilty-pleasure" list. This is not a great condemnation, however, since I have dropped the highly popular Utawarerumono, too. My time is limited, and I am even just storing up episodes of Nana to watch later. It deserves real attention.

However, I still seem to find time to catch Kirarin Revolution. It is a show for young teen girls, shown at 6 p.m. Friday evenings. It doesn't really break any new ground, and has a quite inept star voice actress (although she is getting better). But except maybe for episode 5, it has been consistently entertaining, heartwarming, even inspiring -- at least for someone as insipid as myself.