Friday, June 09, 2006

Simoun "Secret Cast"

On the Simoun official site, there is a page of Simoun "secrets". It shows pictures of the minor characters in all the episodes and says who played them. And rather than a squad of aspiring young seiyuu being called in to play them, they are all played by one or other of the voice actresses for the major characters.

I've made an English version of the "secret cast" page. It's interesting to see who plays those trainees, cooks, military officials, etc., who appear in the background and speak a few words. There are so many of them that the English version will have one page for every six episodes.

And although I intended only to sub episode 8, I have been unable to restrain my enthusiasm and have made subtitles for episodes 9 and 10 now, as well. All three files are available from the Studio Hashihime page. Suggestions welcome. No rights claimed.

The Simoun Characters' Names and Faces page has been updated to cover all major characters up to episode 10. Some characters with brief but important speaking roles are on the new "secret cast" pages.

Both Mangaminx and wrex are continuing to blog the show, which continues to be outstanding, in my opinion. The characters, their feelings, the way their relationships develop, the way the strange conditions of life on this unusual planet help us look at gender in a new way: these are all so well handled and so real.