Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bokura ga Ita 09

The style. The story. The characters. Their feelings. The tragedies you hope against hope are not approaching.

Both of the lead seiyuu continue to make a strong emotional impression. The young TV actor, Yazaki Hiroshi. The newcomer discovered at a voice workshop, Sasaki Nozomi (who does a nice ED this week; this girl has a future). The official blog hints that the two actually fell in love in real life during the recording.

There are many artistic images in this episode, and the sequences are also done with art: they are rhythmic and well-constructed, carrying us forward at the show's dream-like pace.

The Triad has now subbed right up to episode 8. Great work. Maybe I can cut back on the blogging. Click screencaps to enlarge. Mouseover for captions.

embarrassed we can stop now if you want
quickly! make me yours

We continue from last week, with Nana-chan and Yano in his bedroom. Nana-chan has just said that she is ready to make love.

Nana is eager but embarrassed. It takes her forever to strip down to a heavy blouse. Yano says she doesn't have to continue if she doesn't feel comfortable, that he doesn't want her to have any regrets. It isn't just for her body that he wants her. She says: Quickly. Make me yours.

beautiful stars hurts!
was that the door? quick! get dressed!

She floats off in a dream of love with Yano. Then she realizes the dream is real and is pleased. Then it starts to become painful, but Yano won't stop. He says it will get better. They hear his mother coming home. Freeze. Madly dress and sneak out. Post-mortem on a park bench. Nana says it's now their anniversary. Yano says he really didn't get in. I see, she says. They walk away hand in hand. They kiss.

the cost of a big date here, we can save together
Nana-chan fires Cupid's arrow... ...and it strikes home

Takeuchi and some friends are sitting around in the Takeuchi family liquor store. A friend says Yano said to him: I used to think of sex as a kind of sport, but now I know it's something sacred. The friend says Nana isn't that pretty. Takeuchi supports her. The other guys agree that Yano seems happy. Takeuchi seems pensive.

Yano is selling his things -- sneakers, a ball-cap -- to get money to go out with Nana. She tells him she doesn't like the idea of a love hotel, a hot-spring hotel by the sea would be nice. But hmm, Tokyo Disneyland would be even better. He gets more and more depressed, thinking of the expense. Then she offers him her piggy-bank and says they can save together. Her love pierces him with Cupid's arrow.

what color is the girl's dress? I only believe in you
Nana finds a photo of Yano in Yuri's bag Nana-chan and Yuri: two unhappy girls

On the bus one day, Yano recounts to Nana a story from a grade-school reader: what colour is the girl's dress in the picture? It looks orange at dawn, yellow at noon, grey at night -- but really it's white. 'I don't trust pretty memories, Says Yano. They're always embellished.' 'What do you trust?' asks Nana. 'I trust Nana-chan. The person in front of me right now.'

Nana and Mizu-chin are the only ones in the classroom. Mizu-chin accidentally knocks over Yamamoto Yuri's bag. As they pick everything up, Nana-chan finds a picture of Yano and Nana-san in a book. She unconsciously pockets it -- to her great chagrin as she stands on the school roof later wondering what to do.

Yuri walks sadly home.