Thursday, September 07, 2006

Simoun Voice Actresses' Comments

Simoun can seem a world of gorgeous roses, then suddenly there is the stench of blood. -- Nazuka Kaori (Yun). Simoun's seiyuu comments page has been updated with comments from almost all the VAs. Kamo-san also says that Simoun is a world where love and hate are sharply defined, and that no-one ever regrets falling in love.

YunAround the end of August, probably just after the recording was finished, new comments from all the main voice actresses were posted on the Simoun site. It's publicity stuff, but a lot of what they said is interesting. Here is a rough-and-ready translation of all they said.

Niino Michi (Aaeru) said she wanted to share the happy atmosphere of the recording sessions with fans. Takahashi Rieko (Neviril) said how excited she was by the developments in the last few episodes: the effort to transcend space and time. She also mentioned the scene early on where she and Paraietta had tea in her room. She loved the lily-of-the-valley in a vase on the table.

Hosokoshi Michiko (Kaimu) and Koshimizu Ami (Paraietta) both said they enjoyed the scene where they were playing at war on the Simoun. Hosokoshi-san also liked the scene where Kaimu was doing Para-sama's nails. Toyoguchi Megumi (Alti) pointed out how the story becomes richer in the second half, and gains so many aspects of meaning.

Nazuka KaoriTakahashi Mikako (Rodoreamon) drew attention to her playing the soldier Mastifu, who was with Furoe for a while. I don't know, but that may have been the first time she had played a man. Toyoguchi-san mentioned the older male roles, many of which she filled herself.

Young Aizawa Michiru (Furoe) said the scene where they found the mouse was memorable, and she was grossed out by the idea of mouse stew. Mamiko Noto (Limone) was struck by the way the story developed, intertwining people’s feelings and beliefs as the various secrets were explained. She liked the way the episodes build up, in image and story, toward the conclusion.

Among my favorite comments -- or at least the ones that made me like their authors most -- were from Mizuki Nana (Morinas) and Morinaga Rika (Mamina). Nana-chan said she couldn't take her eyes off any of the characters, and she loved the human relations, the ways of love, and the secrets of the Simoun. Morinaga-san said she herself became a Simoun fan.

Yukana (Dominura) talked about the scene where Limone came up to Dominura in the Messis and kissed her, then asked if it made her feel she loved her. She thought that was the moment when Dominura began to see Limone as not just a talented and skilful pair. Yukana also asked people to watch at least until they got used to hearing women do men's voices: "...then you will be seduced into a world of marvels."

Mizusawa Fumie (Waporif), who appears to be pretty comic, talked about "doing battle with a tongue-twisting script." The scene she most remembered from the first part of the show was when Waporif was showing Morinas the Simoun, and got so excited when Morinas's behind was in her face.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bokura ga Ita 10

With The Triad's subs now right up to date (and m.3.3.w. up to episode 7), I'll be cutting back a bit on the blogging. Screencaps first (mouseover for captions, click to enlarge) and a brief summary second.

The growing interest in this show is justified by the plot, characters and art, all of which continue to create a touching and interesting story. I like everyone in this piece -- except maybe Yano, and at least I sympathize with his problems and understand how Nana-chan could like him.

Nana-chan sees Yuri searching for the photo Yano tore the photo in half
Yano says it was awful of Nana to go through someone else's stuff Yuri is so sad
Nana and Mizu-chin are out shopping when she gets a call Yano says not to come to the party, but they do
Nana gives Takeuchi a little gift: a sea-urchin phone strap and she toasts him, even though everyone fears Yano's reaction
Yano graps the phone-strap ...and throws it out the window
everyone is shocked, if not exactly surprised ...and Nana-chan dumps her drink on Yano and storms out
Yano rushes out after her and they reconcile in love
Takeuchi apologizes for not finding the sea-urchin Nana apologizes for not telling him Yano didn't actually throw it
Nana and Yano are studying in his room a girl comes to the door: Nana wonders who
it's Yuri! Do you want to know why my sister got in that car?

episode summary
This week, Nana-chan, still unsure what to do about the photo of Yano and Nana1 that she almost inadvertently stole from Yuri's book, makes the mistake of loaning Yano the book she had stuck the photo in. So not only Yano but also Yuri see the photo. But when Yuri asks for it back, Yano tears it in half first. He doesn't tell her where it came from. But he does blame Nana-chan, and they do not communicate for a while.

Then there is a little birthday celebration for Takeuchi, and one of his friends uses Yano's cell phone to invite Nana-chan and her friend. Yano comes on to tell her not to come, but she gets that determined look and goes to the party anyway. She has a little present for Takeuchi: a cell phone strap that looks like a sea-urchin. Yano grabs it and appears to throw it out the window. Nana-chan dumps her drink over him and storms out.

He rushes after her and they make up, with mutual desires to be together forever. Now they have both done something socially unforgivable: she has rummaged through another girl's belongings, and he has stolen a present meant for another guy. They both did it out of jealousy, and they forgive each other. But I don't believe they will forget.

Finally, Nana-chan is over at Yano's studying when his mother comes in (after knocking) to tell him there is a girl from school at the door. After he goes out, Nana peers out the window: it's Yamamoto Yuri. She asks Yano: Do you want to know why Nana (her sister, Nana1) got in that car with her old boyfriend?