Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another New Show: Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo

Broadcast times and cast have been firmed up and now Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo is slated to begin Tuesday night April 3 at 26:15. I'll add it to my original season summary, but in brief, it appears to be the second harem-show-on-an-island of the new season, along with Nagasarete Airandou.

The island's largest employer is pulling up stakes and the school dorm is almost empty, just our hero and some girls. Then suddenly a transfer student appears: one of the girls arrives back in her room to find a beautiful girl in her underwear resting on the bed. From a popular ero-game, with the PS2 version coming out in May. The hero is apparently a much more interesting character than the average harem lead.

The director, Yabuki Tsutomu, did Keitai Shoujo and Happy Seven. Lead writer Nishizono Satoru does the same job on Happiness and Naruto Shippuden. Animation director Hanai Hirokazu animated the good-looking Kamisama Kazoku. The cast is an interesting mixture, with Koorogi Satomi (Himawari in Crayon Shin-chan), Orikasa Ai, Shinji Kawada (Mine in Nodame), and Nazuka Kaori (in a minor role), among others. The fact that Artland is involved also gives me hope.

To get ready for the new season, which just started (Wednesday 11am availability in Japan) with the promising Hitohira, take a look at my full season preview, and at the wonderful full preview done by Random Curiosity.


Tsubaki said...

Hey hashihime, I sent you an email yesterday and I was wondering whether you recieved it or not.

king & demon said...

who subtitles this show?

hashihime said...

It's on RG Fansubs' list, but ep1 is still in QC.

You can check who subs what on Andrew LB's lists.