Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora -- characters and seiyuus, w/pics

I've made a page with pics of the ten main characters and their voice actors.

This show is just getting better. I'm not sure what it is -- the outlandish story, the good voice-acting, the erotic atmosphere -- but the show has exceeded my expectations. So I wanted to be clear who the voice actors were.

And there are some pretty interesting people involved. For instance, Tarlotte is played by Mochizuki Hisayo, the same VA who played Taruto in Magical Mew Mew Taruto (based on another manga by Kaishaku). Tanaka Atsuko, who plays Mika, was in Ghost in the Shell and Evangelion. Ogata Megumi, who plays Valticia, was Sailor Uranus, as well as (adult) UFO Princess Valkyrie (also a Kaishaku manga). And, of course, Kaon and Himiko are played by Kawasumi Ayako and Shitaya Noriko, who played Chikane and Himeko in Kannazuki no Miko. I've linked the names to pages with fuller info about each seiyuu and their roles.


kuromitsu said...

I love this show because it's pretty horrible but in an extremely hilarious, entertaining way. Normally I don't like laughing at anything (instead of laughing with it), but KyouSora is somehow so good-natured about its own wtf-ery (yet apparently still taking itself very seriously) that I don't feel embarrassed by laughing at it. (And then there's Kazuya who just made me love it even more - I mean, it's Suou Tamaki as an evil overlord who descends from heavens to the tune of 'Rule Britannia'. Brilliant.)

Plus, I love the background music, it has some very nice melodies.

hashihime said...

Nice comments, kuromitsu. I don't think it's horrible, and I don't laugh at it myself, but I think you're capturing something of what's special about this show: it's "so good-natured about its own wtf-ery." It is so extreme, always skating on the edge of being ridiculous, but giving me, at least, a chance to take it seriously, too. And "Rule, Britannia" was a great touch. That was a real wtf moment, lol. Good music in general, as you say.