Friday, May 04, 2007

Lucky Star -- seiyuu names and faces

When KyoAni decided to animate LS, it would have been expensive or impossible to hire the all-star cast of the drama CD (Koshimizu Ami, Nakahara Mai, Shimizu Ai, Asano Masumi, Matsuki Miyu, Noto Mamiko, Tamura Yukari, Saitou Chiwa). So they went with Hirano Aya and relative unknowns. In my opinion, so far this strategy has worked brilliantly.

Now, for all those names from the drama CD, images instantly spring to my mind. But although I had heard the names Endou Aya, Katou Emiri, etc., I knew nothing about them. So here is a page showing pics of all the seiyuus who have appeared so far, along with some details of their work and links to more details and to their homepages and blogs, if they have them.

I'll try to keep the page up to date as new cast members appear. For a couple of the least known people, images may be hard to find.


Kai said...

I really have to agree that the "strategy" of using Hirano Aya and several relatively unknown seiyuus has worked out unexpectedly well.
It doesn't always have to be an all-star cast to make an anime successful and I'm impressed with the seiyuus' work on this title.