Thursday, May 10, 2007

Touka Gettan -- episode 6 of 26

For the English wiki, I've been translating and expanding the Japanese wiki's pages for each episode. I thought I'd spend a few more minutes and put episode 6 into a blog post. There's another summary in the Subculture Anime Blog.

Ep6 is less mysterious and more comical than previous episodes. That disappointed me at first, but now that the J-wiki and a Chinese sub have helped me understand more of the dialogue, I see some moving moments, especially concerning the Butterfly Triplets, Kikyou and Juna.

From the Touka Gettan staff blog, we now know for certain that this is a 26-episode series. Perhaps we will keep going backwards in time until around episode 13, then go back to the moving scene on the station platform at the end of episode one, when Touka and Momoka met again, and go forward in time from there, with a new romance between them. In any case, there is now lots of time for this remarkable show to evolve.

From episode 5, we realize that Juna and Kikyou met 1200 years ago during Juna's raid on Kuukai's temple. They barely escaped with the dragon, and hid for centuries, sleeping under Fuu's protection. The Butterfly Sisters are dolls, probably brought to life by Kikyou and Juna. Now in episode 6, Kikyou sees ahead the disappearance of Juna, Fuu, and the Triplets, as she defends the territory from "spreading darkness." And we learn for sure that Touka really is one of her spirit dolls, too, as we saw in episode 1. Here's the summary of episode six:

-- time unclear; before the song festival --

SCENE1 morning long steps leading to the school
-Makoto and Momoka on their way to school

SCENE2 morning
-the Butterfly Sisters play beautiful harp music, then their harps turn to fans, then tea appears, then they decide to share the tea and the pot zooms up into the sky

Subtitle: "Butterflies"

SCENE1 continued
-Shouko drives her car dangerously up the steps. the sisters' teapot smashes into it and it careens into a tree, then continues
-Touka comes up to Momoka and Makoto, complaining about the ruckus, so early in the day

SCENE3 day  Ichinomiya Club HQ
-Butterfly Sisters receive reports, see that the lotuses in their pond have been picked
-Makoto, as Shouko's messenger, delivers a bag of lotus flowers

SCENE4 day Lotus Club HQ
-Shouko receives reports
---Shouko is head of the Lotus Club
-Makoto reports on her errand

SCENE5 noon school store
-Momoka and Touka buying lunch. he dissuades her from joining the long line-up to use the tasting booths.
-Butterfly Sisters and Shouko compete to get Momoka to eat the lunch they suggest
-Haruhiko's suggestion is adopted that there be a competition between them for best Japanese sweets. his suggestion that the prize be a kiss from him is ignored.

SCENE6 Ichinomiya HQ
-Butterfly Sisters fly around making sweets
-"It's still too early to go and play with the doll."

SCENE7 day Lotus Club HQ
-Shouko makes sweets and licks the sugar-paste off Makoto's face
-the butterflies see them having fun

SCENE8 day
-Momoka is hungry, having only had a bento from Makoto, and sneaks the offering that the Butterfly Sisters have intentionally put in front of a Jizo to tempt her


-the Butterfly Sisters play with their "doll," Yurika, against her will, magically changing her clothes: bloomers, bunny girl, strange guardian figure, naked.
-Hibari, Tsubame, Suzume's eyes flash yellow, red, blue, respectively as they change the clothes.

SCENE10 night Kikyou's room
-three little spirit dolls turn their heads, and Kikyou asks them if they envy the Butterfly Sisters, then asks them to be patient
-"Their borrowed bodies have no future."
---the dolls into which the Butterfly Sisters changed in ep2?
---how do the dolls move if they do not have spirits in them?
-Kikyou: "The darkness is spreading, but this land must not be polluted."

SCENE11 bath
-Yumiko is in the bath
---she does not seem to have her cold
-Momoka is outside watching and is found by Touka. she has been sent by the Butterfly Sisters to make up for stealing their offering by bringing them the moon reflected in the water of the Kamiazuma house's bath
---perhaps related to the story of the 8th century Chinese poet Li Bai drowning by falling out of a boat trying to catch the reflected moon in his arms
-Touka sees the image of his mother as he looks into the water of the bath

--probably the next day--

SCENE12 day
-Momoka brings the cup with the water in it to the Butterfly Sisters. since the moon is no longer in it, they say she's lying. Momoka is confused.
-Touka says it escaped
-the Sisters, laughing, cast images of it here and there, suggesting where it escaped to. This confuses poor Momoka even more

SCENE13 3pm
-the sweet-making contest between the Butterfly Sisters and Shouko, judged by Student Council President Kikyou
-she says the Sisters' sweet is so good she feels as if she is merging with it
-she says Shouko's sweet is so good it brings her the true autumn
-she declares the Sisters the winners

SCENE14 evening in the school
-Shouko barrels angrily through the halls in her car and bursts out the end of the school in flames
-Kikyou says: "Forgive me, Shouko. I wanted them to win because they have so little time left."
---refers to their disappearance in the coming song festival

SCENE15 night  bath→Touka's room
-Touka fills a hot water bottle with water left from Yumiko's bath
-Kikyou appears and says it's cool this evening. Touka says that's all right, since he has the water bottle.
-Kikyou: "Because it's Yumiko's water?" Touka: "Am I perverted?"
-Kikyou, seeing Touka sleep: "Sleep well, while you can." Touka: "Warm. It gives me a strange nostalgic feeling. I can sleep."
-Kikyou: "The womb. He never knew it, but he longs for it. How strange."
-Butterflies: "He is a doll."

SCENE16 night
-Kikyou with a high view
-"I will also soon have sweet sleep."

SCENE17 night
-Juna in her and Kikyou's room

SCENE18 night by the sacred tree
-light descends and Fuu appears
---Fuu's first appearance?

"In the the the darkness."


Totali said...

I am very surprised that this show is being confirmed as 26 episodes. I'm also extremely excited about it :D. That just means more Touka Gettan, and more time for development!

Ryan A said...

I couldn't be happier about the 26 ep destination as well; many possibilities opened!