Friday, June 29, 2007

Hirano Aya on her way to America

Hirano Aya will be a guest of honor at Anime Expo in Long Beach, California, this afternoon at 4:30, along with Gotou Yuuko and Chihara Minori, in a celebration of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

She posted in her blog last night, California time, about her departure and asked readers to look forward to reports from "over there." First (below left) she posted a shot of how she had had her nails done for America: "Cute, aren't they? All sparkly. But is that fungus? Noooo!!" Note the Vivienne Westwood ring, like Nana O's in NANA.

Then (above right) she posted a shot of a "cute" Haruhi poster and said she and Haruhi were going to America together to work to stir things up around the world.

She seems to be heading to the goth side since her cosplay for Death Note. I wonder if she will show up in the T-shirt she bought recently (below left), or in what she's wearing in the last photo she posted before leaving Japan (below right), as she said her arrivederci -- 行ってくんね(≧∇≦)

She seems to be arriving the same day she has to appear. I hope she doesn't have to just rush back without enjoying a little time around Los Angeles (Long Beach is part of the LA conurbation).

I expect her management will have arranged a photo-shoot or two on location in California. She already posted a pic of her name on the cover of Sabra magazine, a men's magazine featuring sexier photography than she's ever done. I wonder what her feature in it is like. Below (left) is the part of the cover she posted, cheering at how big her name was. Check the full cover (only semi-worksafe), to see why she blocked out the rest of the image. Gambatte, Aaya-chan! (Unrelated photo from a few weeks ago, below right.)


omo said...

Hm. She's not going to animelo, so probably has some time...?

hashihime said...

@omo -- I believe she's now going, as a "special guest":
You can find a message from her via the second link.

Japanese Fan said...
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