Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer 2007 Anime Calendar -- what's on when, w/staff & cast highlights

Since a couple of shows have already started (Devil May Cry and Tetsuko no Tabi), now's the time to post my calendar-style anime schedule for summer 2007.

It gives days and times for almost all shows that are on, including shows continuing from previous seasons, and gives highlights of staff and cast. There are links to Anime News Network for more info about each show, and this time I've added links to the AnimeSuki threads for each new show.

And this time I've also included all the OVAs for the entire summer, as currently listed on Moon Phase. Here's what the calendar looks like. Click to go to the calendar itself.

I make this thing for my own reference, really, since I find it hard to keep track of showtimes, staff and cast. But I post it so anyone else who wants can use it. Be sure to check out mahou's great calendar Showtime, too.


Michael Huang said...

That was very helpful; I've been looking for a site to provide me a quick rundown of the new season's shows. Thanks! (I will probably be linking to this page soon in my own summer preview.)

41nano said...

Thanks for this calendar, really helpful ^^

Rudy said...

r u guys in japan?

Solar said...

Wow that is really handy! Thanks for sharing it with us blog watchers!