Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aaya, Shizuka-sama at GranRodeo Concert

Seiyuu Taniyama Kishou ("Kishow") and musician Iizuka Masaaki ("e-zuka") are the group GranRodeo. Their concert in Yokohama Sunday boasted a star-studded guest list of seiyuu: Hirano Aya, Itou Shizuka, Shiraishi Ryouko, Fukuyama Jun.

In the photo, Kishow is on the left. For a sample of GranRodeo's energetic rock, check YouTube. Not my style, but Kishow has a strong voice and the music is professional. (click photos to enlarge)

Below left are Fukuyama Jun (Lelouche in Code Geass) and Koyama Tsuyoshi (Kurou in Utawarerumono) showing a nipple with Shiraishi Ryouko (left, Hayate in Hayate) and Itou Shizuka (Rei in Marimite, etc.) Below right is Hirano Aya with Ryouko and Shizuka-sama. In her blog Aya said how beautiful the yukata were.

And here are a couple of shots from Hirano Aya's blog:

Kishow says he is "a child of Eros" and claims never to have failed with any girl he tried for. Now that it is clear that there is no romance between Hirano Aya and Sugita Tomokazu, some 2channel posters are speculating about a relationship with Kishow, who is 31. The viral publicity machine grinds on.

The next day, Aya put on a GranRodeo tank top and fake tattoo she got at the concert, saying she looked forward to the reaction if she wore that to a recording session. Since she and Granrodeo are both Lantis recording artists, I suspect the reaction would be positive, lol. She said she envied Kishow being up there and looked forward to a live of her own. And she said she wished there were Aya goods like the ones sold at the GranRodeo show.

The right-hand pic of Aya with e-zuka (left) and Kishow (right) is from her blog in April and shows them at a Busou Renkin after-after party. Taniyama Kishou was Takayuki in KGnE (Rumbling Hearts), Takeya in DearS, Ken-chan in Lamune, Tsukimori in Corda D'Oro, etc. GranRodeo does the ED for Kotetsujin Jeeg, and has done the OPs for the last two Angelique series.


Rj said...


hashihime said...

@rj -- Lol. That's exactly what most posters on 2channel are saying.

hashihime said...

One blogger has started a firestorm on 2channel -- a new thread has sprung up in news4vip -- saying that he saw Aaya and Kiiyan (Taniyama Kishou's nickname) flirting and holding hands in Shinjuku. The blogger may be lying or mistaken, but that's what he wrote. If true, she has picked someone strong, sexy, funny, and off-beat -- and 12 years older than her. He's known as a rebel in the industry. Perhaps she is less of a "wannabe" rocker than I thought. My opinion: she should do what she wants.

Gece said...

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scarface said...

could you update us on this rumour, which hopefully will be proven to be untrue. all my hopes and dreams will be crushed if it were so. id be happy for her if this guy was super good looking, it makes me sad its him

Anonymous said...

yeah, scarface, cuz she was really waiting for you... -_-

hashihime said...

@scarface -- No new facts. I really do think it's more likely a bit of a publicity event that produced a bigger reaction than they expected. Aya was attending the concert to give him publicity, and to get some herself by association with him.

Taniyama Kishou frequents 2channel and talks about it on his radio shows, so he might know what could happen. And Aya and her management probably understand viral publicity by now.

I believe Aya has known him since Kiddy Grade, and likely feels at ease with him as a sympathetic senpai who likes the same music she does, rather than a love interest. But it doesn't bother me one way or the other. I'm not exactly hoping there's anything to the rumor, but I personally would feel happy for her if there were.

@gece -- Thanks!

scarface said...

lol that is true,i doubt shes waiting for me. but cant you let me have my fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Koyama Tsuyoshi *キン*キン*キン* is back