Sunday, August 12, 2007

From Tsukasa's Blog: Lucky Channel Live

Fukuhara Kaori, who is the voice of Tsukasa in Lucky Star, and Katou Emiri (Kagami) were part of an open recording session of the Lucky Channel radio show on Sunday, with regulars Konno Hiromi (Akira) and Shiraishi Minoru. Kaorin reported on it in her blog. Here is a complete translation, including her emoticons and pics. Kaorin is the one wearing red. Emiri also has a report on her blog.

Wonder Festival 2007

Appeared at the "Wonder Festival" at Tokyo Big Site
We were meeting so early that I had to get up at 4am.
Even though it's summer, it was still dark (lol)
Today was the Lucky Channel open recording session
Emiri and I were secret guests,
so I couldn't tell you about it beforehand. Sorry!

We wore summery yukatas
This is about the third year I've worn my yukata.
We had obis
that matched the colors of our characters' ribbons,
and we even had hair ornaments.

← Just before the event,
a shot backstage.

↑ A lot of people came and saw us (>▽<)
According to the staff, there were almost 2000 people there.
With the heat in the venue and the lights on stage, it was pretty hot
But anyway, the audience was in good spirits,
and recording with everyone gave a very enjoyable feeling
We met a lot of people in the handshake session(^^)
and could look them in the eye
During the event, I tried as much as I could
to look in everyone's face individually

↑ Afterwards, in the green room.

How was today's open recording session? Did you enjoy it??
I really enjoyed it.
Thank you to everyone who came
By the way, it seems that today's recording session
will be put on CD and will come out with a magazine.
So people who didn't come - and people who did - be sure to listen, okay?


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