Friday, August 10, 2007

Hirano Aya Authors New Photo Book

On the heels of the wild success of Hirano Aya Photobook H, Hirano Aya is now authoring her own photobook 1/19 Bpm, which will be a "memorial" of her life so far. It will come out on 19 September.

The book is called a "photo-essay" of her life, and will include known and unknown photos of her that have been taken over the years, such as those of her wearing glasses in the "Love Megane" series, and shots from photoshoots earlier this year, particularly the shoot on Okinawa in which she was first photographed in a swimsuit. The swimsuit pictures have not been published before.

She will include some of her own drawings, and will include a description of a week in her life, as well as inside stories and reflections on her roles and music over the past year. She will answer 50 of the questions sent to her by fans. And there will be family pictures of her as a baby and young child.

The book will not be published by Kadokawa, publisher of the first photobook and of the Suzumiya Haruhi novels, but by Shufunotomo ("Housewife's Companion") Publishing, which specializes in cooking, health, children, etc. -- but is also the publisher of Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine. Many of the later photos will apparently be from the magazine.

According to the publisher's note on Amazon, Aya herself came up with the idea and was deeply involved in the planning of the publication, as well as contributing various essays. Price will be Y1890 (US$16). Info from an article on Seiyuu Watch and from Amazon Japan.

The October issue of Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine, which comes out 10 September, will include what appears to be another special photobook of Aya, who turns 20 on 8 October.


RJ said...

So this is sort of an autobiography? Sounds interesting, if only I could read it ^^; I'll still buy it for the pictures though

hl said...

two hirano aya photobooks in one year? it's going to be a great year.