Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall Anime Weekly Calendar

Once again this season, I've made a calendar-style schedule of the week's anime. It shows days and times of a week's first broadcast of each show on Japanese TV this fall, and gives highlights of staff and cast, along with links to the official site and the Anime News Network page for each show.

I use the calendar a lot myself, to check which day shows are on, and to link easily to more info about a show. The calendar shows all the shows currently in their first broadcast run, including shows that started in previous seasons. Titles are color-coded to indicate which season they began in.

I have already posted previews of all the new shows, giving fuller info about staff, cast and story. Some times and dates have changed in the past week, so check the calendar I'm posting today for up-to-date schedule info.

Mahou has a nice calendar, too, organized in a different way.


Jeshii said...

Thanks a lot.