Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oricon -- More Lucky Star and a Hirano Aya Video

Four more Lucky Star character song CDs went on sale this week, and on their first day all four were in the top twenty: Chihara Minori (Minami) at #9, Hasegawa Shizuka (Yutaka) at #11, Shimizu Kaori (Hiyori) #14, Sasaki Nozomi (Patty) #16. That makes ten character song CDs from this one show, and at least nine of them have been in the top 20.

In addition, there is a link on the Oricon home page to a video message from Hirano Aya, speaking in something close to her "real" or more serious voice. I wonder if her producers paid for it? It doesn't give any indication of that. Great publicity for her with her single coming out in two weeks. She is asked what she likes about being a seiyuu and she talks about having the chance to play so many different types of people. The black shirt she's wearing has English words like "punk" and "sexpot" on it.

Oricon is the main Japanese company tracking sales of music, DVDs, etc. It has a status a bit like Billboard in the US.

As for Aya's new "photo essay" book, 1/19 Bpm, it is #2 on Yahoo's idol photobook charts, and #2 among both men and women. The top five idol photobooks bought by men and bought by women are completely different -- except for Aya's. A good sign that her fanbase might be broadening.


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