Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hirano Aya -- "Thank You" for Making Love Gun #4

From Hirano Aya's blog (click images to enlarge):

#4 on the Daily Charts

"Love Gun" has been released!!
#4!! ☆~(ノ><)ノ
Thank you so much!!
I'm really happy.
Since I haven't been able to update the diary for a while,
Maybe I'll give a bit of a look backstage...
Today I'll show what the PV set looks like.

In the Morning

Rock in the morning
Here comes the big obstacle: the guitar.
I had my guitar and was practicing in the green room
Right up until we started.
Do the results show?

No Strength in My Shoulders

I'm trying too hard and moving too much, I'm told.
The proof is that I broke a pick during the intro.
I thought we shouldn't stop during recording,
So I used my fingers to pick
And ended up bleeding around the first knuckle.
Trying too hard (´~`;)

Pretty Well Used to It (´∀`)

Even though I have to work at lip-synching,
I gradually settle down.
The person in the picture looks properly cool.
But once I start moving, I'm done for.

After Filling My Stomach

This is a shot while they're changing the set!
Empty head. Clean mind.
...nnn. It's hard o(><)o

Studio Scene

This is what it's like in the studio!
That distant bit of pink is me.
It takes a lot of staff.


Mac (Kyuusai) said...

It's a bit easier to ignore her ridiculous fingernails when viewing still shots. They stood out so much when viewing her in motion.

It's not that I find them aesthetically unappealing (I do--I think they look awful), but it makes it so obvious she's not really playing that guitar!

hashihime said...

I find the fingernails fairly ridiculous myself, but if you read what I translated from her blog, it sounds as if she really did play the guitar. She was practicing right up to the time for shooting. She used a pick, then when it broke used her fingers and ended up bleeding.

But the PV is certainly just a show. She mentions having trouble with the lip-synching. Personally, I think it's an entertaining PV, but it's not a real concert.

Aya and lots of other seiyuus seem fascinated with those gaudy fingernails. They keep posting pictures of their nails, which look a lot better in person than in photos. From a distance they sometimes look, as Aya once wrote, like fungal growths. I spared you the two nail-shots that were part of today's posting.

Anonymous said...

Aya looks really good in this PV. I still find it strange her singing voice and her seiyuu voice are so different!

Tsubaki said...

Woo, thanks for the translation. She's awesome as ever.