Friday, October 19, 2007

Hirano Aya's Birthday Week

Various groups of colleagues have thrown little birthday parties for Aya over the last ten days, each with at least one cake. Surely this will help her fatten up a bit, lol. In any case, here are a few photos from her blog.

The party she posted about most was the one given her by the cast and staff of Eyeshield 21: Yamaguchi Kappei, Irino Miyu and Miyano Mamoru (left, l-r). They also gave her an umbrella, perhaps for protection from the rain of insults from 2channel.

The Eyeshield 21 staff gave her a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne (to go with the beer she's holding in the umbrella picture). Like any newly-legal drinker, she appears to be thrilled. She said she spilled a lot in opening it: her "first clumsiness as a 20-year-old." Aya joked that Nakagawa Shouko, who is also on the show, wasn't a great drinker and flushed after drinking only a few milliters. A "moe-element" for Shouko-chan, laughed Aya.

I think Aya admires and envies Shouko, the TV personality/idol/seiyuu. Aya might like to be the same, but in a different order: seiyuu/idol/TV personality.

People she was working with on her idol activities, and on the new Suzumiya Haruhi game (Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi) both gave her little parties. Left: "Team Aya," the idol people. Right, the SHnT people:

Over the past ten days, she has received innumerable cakes and not a few flowers, and like the idol she is, was able to smile fairly convincingly for every one:

From the staff of her radio show, Animelo Mix, she received a bottle of sake called "Niconico Tarou," which means "Smiling Tarou." But this is perhaps also a reference to her videos on the Japanese video site Niconico Douga, where viewers can post graffiti-like comments on the video. A number of comments are insulting attacks on Aya herself. 2channelers speculated that the gift might be a joke at her expense, but I think she's probably well aware of what goes on there.

On 2channel, people have long said that she has no friends, especially no friends in the industry. Now some people are saying that the shots with the Eyeshield 21 cast -- now and in past blog items -- show that she is friendly with other seiyuu -- especially men. I don't think we can really tell anything either way, but I thought I'd mention their speculation, anyway.

Finally, a photo that I think shows Aya's nice self-mockery, which seems to me to appear quite often. In the caption to this pic, she thanks everyone and says she turned 20 "without incident." "The first year of my twenties. What kind of year will it be, I wonder?"


Anonymous said...

This got me curious. Does posts against Hirano Aya on 2ch more than positive ones? o_O. Guess her popularity is hard to ignore even for those bashers :o

hashihime said...

@anonymous -- It's hard to estimate, but I'd say about 30% of the posts on the main 2channel Aya thread these days are anti-Aya. It's hard to estimate because many of those posts are huge long things with salacious ascii art or strings of nasty adjectives or reprints of a couple of negative articles, etc.

There are also anti-Aya threads, the largest one of which has about 12% as many posts as the main Aya thread. The negative posts on the main thread are probably from just a few posters, but it's hard to know.

Another indication is the thread for "Most Moe Seiyuu." The leaders are Kugimiya Rie, with around 550 votes and Horie Yui with around 450. Aya has 3 votes.

Asuka said...

"On 2channel, people have long said that she has no friends, especially no friends in the industry."

Just wondering, are the majority of people who bash Aya in this way females or males (if you can hazard a guess)? Because these types of comments tend to be passed amongst mostly immature gossipy girls. Aya can't have that many female bashers, can she?

hashihime said...

@asuka -- From the content, they are definitely guys.

Tsubaki said...

Funny how Hirano gets more love from abroad than locally. Then again, it's just 2ch, the 2nd biggest filth in the cyberworld.

Seiryuu said...

i'm sure there is a large group of people who supports aya but they just didn't show it on net...only those against her did. anyway, nice new layout for your blog hashi! =D
i'm still reading your blog and i'm loving it haha

nikuniku said...

hi, new to ur blog. regarding aya and someone saying she seems more popular overseas than locally? that can't really be proven i suppose, but if that IS the case, im guessing it could be cus those "locals" understand her more (just cus most of them could read actual things written by/about her) than her overseas fans, who mostly look at pictures... and have significantly less access to the textual contents of stuff. just my guess. of course there has to be many other factors.

another thing... hv u heard of the rumour that aya is going out with granrodeo singer/seiyuu taniyama kishou?