Thursday, October 18, 2007

Seiyuu Fukuhara Kaori and Her Mother Visit Kyoto

Fukuhara Kaori (Tsukasa in Lucky Star) and her mother made a trip to Kyoto recently. In part because I think Kaorin is in the running for prettiest of all active seiyuu, I thought I'd translate her brief blog post about the trip:

A long time ago, I asked my manager to adjust my schedule so that mother and I could go on a trip to Kyoto. And so we went on a rather extravagant holiday, two women together.

It made me so glad to watch mother’s happy face.

My own number one goal was to go to the Entertainers’ Shrine at the Kurumazaki Shrine.

I worshipped there around a year and a half ago. I wanted to go back and report the decisions I'd made and what had happened to me over that time, and to renew my amulet. And I did!

We got a full helping of Kyoto, visiting other temples, riding in a rickshaw, and eating delicious food. (^^)

It’s the first time mother and I have gone on a trip alone together. We made memories that will last a lifetime.

When we said goodbye to Kyoto, we promised to go there together again.

I really love the elegance of Kyoto. In another year or so, let's go again.

We stayed in a wonderful hotel, part of the same chain as the hotel I stayed in on the trip to Hatsushima I wrote about in the blog before.


Anonymous said...

How about a poll about the prettiest seiyuu with pictures?

hashihime said...

@anonymous -- "Great minds think alike...and fools seldom differ." You must have read my mind. Coming in the next couple of weeks.

Mei said...

She sounds like such a sweet girl. Definitely have gotten more interested in her lately.

Maybe seiyuu blogs can hold a SaiMoe for seiyuu?

Andrew said...

With you there, Mei. I hope she doesn't become one of the more slutty idols like Aya. Stay pure, m'dear!

andrew said...

I wish I hadn't called Aya a slut. I wrote that comment shortly after reading the post about the "Love Story" DVD, which does seem a bit shameful, IMNSVHO. Reading some of Hashihime's posts, Aya is indeed talented (she seems to have an excellent range, and a knack for sarcastic, impish characters), but she does seem a bit overexposed. I hope Kaorin isn't a one-hit wonder (she's only been in one minor role since Tsukasa), since she's also pretty talented herself.