Monday, November 05, 2007

Hirano Aya Live Events Last Weekend

With her next single, Neophilia, coming out this week, Aaya was at Nihon University College of Art's school festival last Friday for a talk and a mini-live of six songs.

I don't have photos from the Nihon U. event, but I do have some from an event on Saturday, a live recording in Akihabara for her radio program, Animelo Mix. It's a one-woman show, but she was joined for this event by ubiquitous radio host Washizaki Takeshi. As you can see further below, her performance was so energetic that she dropped the microphone at least once. Click photos to enlarge.

A report from a blogger who was at the Nihon U. event says the performances were good, especially LOVE★GUN, GLITTER, and Neophilia. The whole set was: LOVE★GUN, God knows..., Lost My Music, First Good-Bye, and Neophilia, with GLITTER as an encore (she forgot some of the words).

"Making of" videos were shown for both the LOVE★GUN and Neophilia PVs. The Neophilia PV is dark, strange, and sexy, with Aaya standing bright in the midst of darkness, walking through water (which she said was very cold), and bleeding black blood from the corner of her eye. A minute of the Neophilia PV is on YouTube.

In the college talk, she was asked how to become a seiyuu and answered that she wasn't the person to ask, since she never had real training, but that she did start by doing the voices as she read manga, and spoke the lines from subtitled foreign movies (shades of REC). She said she got the idea she could do deeper voices from hearing how her mother's voice changed when she answered the phone.

She was asked about playing piano and said she started in middle school, and even played organ in high school. I've read that she played for the church services in her Christian-connected high school. Asked if the guitar in the Love Gun PV was hers, she said that it wasn't, that they provided the rhinestone-studded guitar for the PV.

She mentioned Avril Lavigne as one of her favorite singers, but saved her reputation by also mentioning two others: Onitsuka Chihiro and Shiina Ringo. Onitsuka-san is my favorite female singer in the world, as it turns out. And Shiina Ringo is an avant-garde singer-songwriter who seems to me to be Japan's answer to Kate Bush.

Aaya did the voices for Haruhi, Konata, and Garnet, and when asked about Garnet (her role in Dragonaut) said she had never played such a big-breasted character. She said that fighting the dragon and attacking the protagonist were both really something for her.

Asked what had changed for her when she turned 20, she said that she could drink, but she found that it was a problem for her. She got loud and laughed too much, and then just fell asleep, at least from beer. Champagne was okay, though.

I'll just add a few pics from her blog today. They show some of the cast of Eyeshield 21 on Monday doing drawings of Aya "injured." I guess they got the idea from the Neophilia PV, and from her talking about losing a nail during the taping of the Love Gun PV. In any case, Nakagawa Shouko did a drawing of Aya having lost all her nails (which are often fairly gaudy, like Shouko-tan's). Miyano Mamoru did one of her with a nosebleed. Ise Mariya did one of her simply looking cute. And Maeda Takeshi did the fourth. In the photo of the group, it's Maeda, Miyano, Shouko-tan, and Ise-san, left to right.

The photo of the drawings is from Shouko-tan's blog. The blood will please anti-Aya elements on 2channel, who post things like "Aya and Shouko should both die."


Emily said...


The broken nails picture is quite scary o.O

The Neophilia video is ok, but I like Love Gun better. The black blood tear thing scares me a bit, but it's supposed to do that I suppose.

Deathy said...

So Aya does like good song? It was quite a good surprise that she mentioned Chihiro Onitsuka and Shiina Ringo.

And it was nice to see how she began practicing doing voices.

Seiryuu said...

Hey hashihime! Thx for the info of the neophilia pv on youtube!!! that video was great! i tink it sounds better than "Love Gun"! oh yea and i kind of "stole" the picture of Chihara Minori from your blog and posted it on mine, hope u dun mind haha... but don't worry, i provided a link to your blog. how can i not introduce ur fantastic blog to others? XD. thx again for the info! i wanted to put your rss feed on my blog but i can't find it, or maybe i dunno how to use the atom thingy...can u inform me (via blog or email) how to use that if its something like the rss feed thing? thx! =D

hashihime said...

I've now made a post with the full PV. I love the song, the PV, and Aya's singing. Maybe I even see/hear a bit of influence from Shiina Ringo.

@seiryuu -- Don't worry about "stealing" anything from my blog. It's all there for anyone to use any way they like. I mean, I'm probably using some photos copyrighted by others, anyway.

Atom should work just like RSS, and is the default for Blogger, which I use to make the blog.

Here is the main Atom feed:

Here is an RSS URL that seems to work, but that isn't updating as quickly as the Atom feed (hasn't updated at all since I put it in my Bloglines):

@emily -- I put the broken nails pics in partly because they were so odd and a bit scary. Someone on 2channel asked if maybe Shouko was teasing/bullying Aya. Teasing, yes, but not in a nasty way, I think. And maybe Shouko was creating an event that both made fun of and sort of publicized Aya's new image. It seems that Aya has a taste for goth.

At one of the events last weekend, she said that a lot of people had worked to create the "new Hirano Aya" and she hoped people would support her (big applause). I think she is more in charge now, and creating an image that she likes. But I also think she isn't really as punk as the image she's playing with.

Anonymous said...

It's a no-surprise when Aya said one of her favourite singer is Avril Lavigne, because you can tell how much some of their styles matches.
And speaking of Dragonaut, I guess it's a setup that all of Haruhi's SOS brigade members appear in it.