Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Neophilia full PV (Hirano Aya's new single)

The CD went on sale Tuesday and the full PV showed up online at the same time. I think Aya's really found her voice. I'm not sure this is the kind of music that will be a popular success for her, but I think it's an artistic success. Does it even have a bit of Shiina Ringo about it? Aya co-wrote the lyrics (and wrote the lyrics for the enjoyable B-side, forget me nots...)

Another fascinating PV, bizarre as it is:

Here it is on the YouTube site.

I've always felt that at its best, Aya's seiyuu voice has a sharp, sinewy strength, a special bright edge. That's what gives her voice something special in this song, I think.

Two more pieces of news: Aya and Paku Romi will do the Japanese dub for two of the main characters in the French animated film Renaissance.

And Aya will do voices for a live-action show called Honjitsu no Neko Jijou, which is about a girl and the humorous lives of five cats. There isn't much information on the official site, but the star girl (Okuwa Maimi) is credited, and Aya is credited as "seiyuu," so I think she will be doing voices for all five cats. She will do the OP, too.

UPDATE: There's now a good divx version of the full PV on stage6.divx.com

UPDATE 2: Neophilia is at #15 for its first day on the charts, significantly lower than Love Gun's #4. The presence of a number of big new releases this week is part of the story; a comparatively lower level of publicity for this release is another. And maybe people who bought Love Gun didn't like it enough to buy Neophilia. We'll see which direction the song heads from here. I think it is an artistic success, but that doesn't mean it will be a commercial success. I have hopes that people who see the PV on TV or hear the song on the radio will start buying it now and it will rise, but we'll see.

UPDATE 3: Started at #15 on the chart, stayed there one more day, now is down to #19. Looks as if the Japanese buying public doesn't agree with me that this is a great song and an entertaining PV. j1m0ne called it "bog standard J-pop," whereas I think of it as inventive and jazzy -- too inventive and jazzy for the buying public. But he knows J-pop better than I.


deftoned said...

I actually like this single more than Love Gun. I would think that people who didn't warm up to Love Gun that much would prefer Neophilia and vice versa. I agree with you about this one being an artistic success, but might not gain her more popularity. She has the pop punk aurora about her, so in a sense it doesn't fit her "image." But, what it does do for me is further show off her talent as a vocalist. It's just a simple melody and her voice--no gimmicks. It might just be me though, considering my musical evolution. I used to listen to songs like Neophilia, but started getting into punk rock and pop. With age though, I've gone back to preferring songs like Neophilia.

Seiryuu said...

oh thx! I've also posted something because Aya's "Neophilia" is released today! There are some pics available too! oh yea weird...when i enter the url of your atom thing to the address bar, they asked me to download a file O.O, what should i do with it??

Emily said...

I like this song better than Love Gun. The PV is weird, but not in a bad way. Although I like Love Gun's vid better- the whole standing around doing nothing bores me a bit, but it had good transitions from scene to scene; enough to keep me interested. Aya's songs get better and better :D

hashihime said...

@seiryuu -- Sorry about this. I don't like it wanting you to download a file. Did you try the rss address?

That rss feed did start updating itself for me, so I think it's okay.

Seiryuu said...

hashi, don't worry bout that =D
i just put your feed on my blog!! oh yea, thx for the chihara pic lol.

Owen S said...

She reminds me of a younger Tomiko Van back in her Do As Infinity days. I definitely like it a lot better than I did LOVE GUN, so I'm quite optimistic about her musical future now that I know she's got the range.

Kai said...

I'm liking the Love Gun PV and song more, mainly because she shows off her sexy legs.

Kaioshin Sama said...

Ah, good, I hoped you'd have this up. How to put this....I'm not a big fan of the goth look (except maybe with Alice Cooper, but Aya Hirano is no Alice Cooper), nor really of this kind of music. Perhaps it's the right thing for her, but unfortunately I will never be able to appreciate it because of my musical tastes.

It's really sad that the people I hope give me reason to like their works more keep failing to give me reasons to be able to. Of course it's not the end of the world, but it does nothing to disprove the image that I'm some sort of pessimistic/critical machine who never has anything good to say, which I'm not.

She certainly is keeping busy, though I can't help but feel her career is reaching an impasse, the point where one's popularity, or as I call it, their 15 minutes or life in the limelight, begins to wane. This album seems to coincide with those types of bold moves that need to be made to halt that process, much like how Madonna kept reinventing her image well after her era should have ended. Unfortunately..... I'm not sure if this is the right image to take upon herself. No seriously, I have no idea because this music is beyond me. :S

hashihime said...

@Kaioshin -- At least I for one know you're being honest and not just criticizing for the sake of it. I love this song, but it looks (check my third update) as if the Japanese public doesn't.

These three singles are her shot at fame outside the seiyuu world. Maybe it won't work. But don't count her out. Ever since I started paying attention to her over a year ago, people have been saying she's finished. During that time, she has just been getting more and more famous.

And she's getting into some well-paying voice gigs, I think: doing dubbing for a French animated movie (with Paku Romi), for example; narrating that NHK educational show; and voicing five cats in a new semi-live action show; and there is a new game she's part of.

I don't believe the new image is a "career move" so much as her taking on an image she likes and doing the music she prefers. Clearly, it would have been better commercially to keep the look of a cute teen, rather than the somewhat too grown-up look that the real 20-year-old prefers to take on.

Anonymous said...

Neophilia is a little disappointing, nothing stands out so much, the music is average and where is her amazing voice? I still like her live concert footage the best