Friday, November 02, 2007

Poll: Chihara Minori Voted Most Attractive Seiyuu

Chihara Minori before a photo-shoot on TuesdayThe votes are in. After a week of voting, voters have chosen Chihara Minori 茅原実里 as the most attractive seiyuu. Minorin ended up with 66 votes to Hirano Aya's 55 and Tanaka Rie's 31, out of a total of 305 votes.

That gives Minorin 21% of the votes, Aaya 18%, and Rierie 10%. Any one of those three -- as well as many others -- would have been a worthy choice, in my opinion. There are lots of beautiful seiyuus -- and lots of ways to be beautiful.

Others with ten or more votes were: Noto Mamiko (14), Mizuki Nana (11), and Horie Yui and Kikuchi Mika (10 each).

Next were Tamura Yukari (7 votes) and Momoi Halko (6).

5 votes: Kitamura Eri, Kugimiya Rie, Nonaka Ai, Paku Romi, Shiraishi Ryouko.

4 votes: Fukai Yukari, Fukuhara Kaori.

Hirano Aya self-portrait from her blog Wednesday3 votes: Chiba Saeko, Kawasumi Ayako, Koshimizu Ami, Kudou Haruka (in real life, she's a model), Makino Yui, Sakai Kanako (spending too much time as a TV host, and not enough as a seiyuu), Sakamoto Maaya, Ueda Kana.

2 votes: Bandou Ai, Hanazawa Kana (the second moe-est voice in anime), Kadowaki Maii (name changed from Mai), Katou Emiri, Morinaga Rika (vive la belle laide!), Nabatame Hitomi, Nakahara Mai, Nogawa Sakura, Shimizu Ai, Toyoguchi Megumi.

1 vote: Enomoto Atsuko, Fukuen Misato, Gotou Yuuko, Hasegawa Shizuka, Inoue Kikuko, Kano Yui, Kawaragi Shiho, Kimura Madoka, Kobayashi Yu, Kuwatani Natsuko, Matsuki Miyu, Miyazaki Ui (that's my vote), Nazuka Kaori (the big athlete with a tiny perfect voice), Sasaki Nozomi (my choice for most moe voice), Shiina Hekiru, Shimizu Kaori, Yamamoto Maria, Yukana.

Tanaka Rie from the profile page on her websiteIt's striking that the top two vote-getters were both in Suzumiya Haruhi and Lucky Star. Of course, I loved both those shows, so perhaps people who read this blog like them, too. The particular pics I had in my page of pictures of the seiyuu may also have affected the result. I tried to get equally good pictures of everyone. In any case, a bad pic of Minorin is hard to find.

And I suspect that some people may have voted as much on voice as on appearance, but since a seiyuu's voice is part of her attractiveness, that seems okay to me. Appearance is certainly the shallowest parameter I could have suggested, lol. Maybe sometime I'll run a poll on "favorite" or "moe-est" or "best" seiyuu.

In any case, thank you all for voting and commenting -- the poll had the largest number of comments (32) of any post in the two years this blog has existed. I keep trying to do my bit to make seiyuus more recognized outside Japan. I'll keep up the page of pics of seiyuus that I posted as reference material for the poll.

Mouseover photos for captions. Click the last two photos to enlarge.


moyism said...

Minorin FTW :D

Katapan said...

Ah, I think Yukana was forgotten in the results? I'm pretty sure she had one vote a few days ago, which surprised me (I was torn between voting for her or Tanaka Rie, but ended up going with the latter).

This was a very fun poll, in any case. The result is a pleasant surprise. I didn't think Minorin's popularity was already that big, though it's definitely deserved.

I wish a male version of the same poll could be done, but it probably wouldn't work here, as I doubt most of the votes would have anything to do with attractiveness... :p
(a simple "favorite seiyuu" poll may work, though?)

Mei said...

A male version would indeed be interesting, but I assume most of the readers are male... Miyano Mamoru would probably be my vote. <3

minorhythm forever~!

Diodati said...

As a fangirl (who has posted on this blog before, so I'm not just joining the 'in' topic heh): the top three are all extremely attractive albeit in quite different ways (so that's kind of interesting).

I went with RieRie, and I would probably say Iwasaki Masami or Toriumi Kousuke for dudes - not so much the baby-face sort.

Btw, it's nice to see there's been no trolls..[jinx?]

hashihime said...

@katapan -- Thanks for mentioning Yukana. Last on my spreadsheet but not in my heart. Not only is she a major source of pheromones, but one of the top seiyuus, in my opinion. I double-checked the list and I don't think anyone else is missing.

I was surprised by the votes for Minorin, too. It makes me think that people were actually looking at the pictures, rather than just voting on the basis of popularity.

I think a "most attractive male seiyuu" poll might not work. But maybe I'll try either one unisex "favorite seiyuu" poll, or two separate polls, sometime. For me, favorite male seiyuu would be Koyasu Takehito, at the moment. Other candidates would be Suwabe Junichi, Sugita Tomokazu, Ono Daisuke, and Kamiya Hiroshi. For appearance, it could be a lot of people. Even Fujiwara Keiji, with his beard. Or Miyano Mamoru, or Takahashi Naozumi, or Kondou Takashi. And thanks for reminding me of Iwasaki Masami, diodati.

omo said...

Thanks for hosting the polls.

One person you didn't include I wanted to see was Shizuka Itou. She's not really that pretty but given the choices there were plenty that are the same or worse IMO... But I suppose that could be said of a handful of others you left out.

As for Minorin and Aaya, I think they're just getting popularity from Minorin/Aaya fans, not so much seiyuu fans.

And yeah, people's voices definitely played a role in how I vote. Honestly I haven't seen enough of most of these girls even in pictures to make a good judgment on how they look. But I've heard plenty XD

hashihime said...

@omo -- I did leave out some of the seiyuu I like a lot, because I didn't think they could win (even though I did leave in some who are in the same category). Itou Shizuka and Itou Miki are two. I'll gradually add pics to the contact sheet.

It depends who qualifies as a "seiyuu fan," but I know what you mean about Minorin and Aaya not getting their popularity from them. I think a lot of self-identified seiyuu fans don't really think much of the work of either of them. I personally think Minorin is a better singer than seiyuu, but that Aaya has something special as a seiyuu -- even if she's lacking some of the things that make seiyuu fans like people I consider to be more ordinary, but who are very professionally capable.