Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hirano Aya Gets TV Gig

Hirano Aya will be the host of a daily 15-minute after-school "edutainment" TV show, starting in January. (click photos to enlarge)

The show is called "Moeducation 5" もえがく★5 (Moegaku 5). It will run five days a week, starting 14 January on the BS Fuji satellite TV channel.

The show is based on a learning software called Moegaku. Moegaku is an anime-based learning software, and there will also be an animated part of each show, for which Aya will do one of the voices. The animated part features a girl learning languages from foreign otaku in Akihabara.

On each day of the week, Aya will learn a different language: English on Mondays, Korean on Tuesdays, Spanish on Wednesdays, Chinese on Thursdays, and French on Fridays.

Her teachers on the live show will be schoolkids from the various countries. There will also be a troupe of professional rope-skippers that she will perform with. This last touch sounds bizarre, but is actually pedagogically fairly sound, combining physical movement with learning. And it taps into another of Aya's abilities: dance.

Aya spent a year in America when she was two, but says she has forgotten everything she learned then. She says she will work particularly hard at French, which she finds very hard to pronounce. As a seiyuu, she'd better do a good job, she says. Taping has already begun, and Aya says the kids are very strict as teachers. On the show, the kids will call Aya "Aaya-oneesan."

Mainichi has some photos of the press conference announcing the show.

In other Aya news, her third single in three months, MonStAR, is out today. You can see the PV on Neko Mimi Mode, or in downloadable quality on stage6.divx.com.The song is very catchy, and she does a good job. I'm less enthusiastic about the PV. But humor is one of her fortes, and there is some in this PV, as there was in Love Gun but not in Neophilia. I myself like Neophilia best of the three singles, though.

And live events have been announced for March 1 in Namba (Osaka) and March 15 in Shibuya (Tokyo). Only people who have bought all three singles can apply for admission. Details here.

Aya's campaign to combine voice work with becoming a general celebrity continues apace. Her photobook H - Stairway to 20, which came out during the summer, is already fourth-highest selling idol photobook of 2007, after Leah Dizon, Asao Miwa, and Kouda Kumi.


Tess said...

It sounds like a pretty silly show, but actually seems like something I could enjoy. I guess it's good Aya is getting her "own show", even if it's a little odd..

hashihime said...

@tess -- This is the second "edutainment" show she's been involved in. For "Kaitai Shin Show," over on NHK, she did narration. Perhaps she's carving out a niche for herself in semi-educational programs. I mean, no-one's going to learn five languages in 13 weeks, but the idea that language-learning is fun, and the idea of introducing Japanese kids to kids who are probably fluent in both Japanese and the foreign language, are both fairly cool.

Eric said...

I read this new educational program news after reading about the Lucky Star shinto shrine event on Mainichi news web - interesting that the two are linked to each other.

(In the meantime, those idiotic 2ch otaku are attacking her again, "Why isn't she at the Lucky Star event? Too busy to record TV shows and deal with otakus I see" - why don't they ask "Where is Endou Aya (Miyuki)?" *grumble grumble*)

MonSTAR sounds good - I like it just as much as Neophilia (Love Gun might be my least favorite of all 3 >_>) but I must say that the other song that came with MonSTAR: Love Song has its own unique style that's different from other songs that Aaya has released before. As for the PV, once again it's weird. I think Neophilia has the best PV.

I've only just fulfilled my duty as an Aaya fan by ordering all 3 singles + Love Letter from Amazon Japan couple days ago. I was quite surprised to see that I too am eligible for the "event"...but then again my chances of going are next to 0 (School).

Shiroi Hane said...

I had one of those card with Monstar, was afraid it was something like that (a little for for me to travel..)
And my copy of Stairway to 20 finally arrived along with it, after being cancelled from my order by Yesasia at least twice now due to no stock being available.