Saturday, November 24, 2007

Koshimizu Ami Joins Production Baobab Agency

Koshimizu Ami has abandoned her free-agent status and joined the big Production Baobab seiyuu agency. She follows her good friend Sanpei Yuuko into that fold. Here is her new profile page on the Baobab site. And here are two recent pics of Ami and one of Pe (Sanpei Yuuko) from their respective blogs.

Rumors are that Ami's personal manager "Naomi-chan" has gone along with her. Such a highly unusual move would show both Ami's star status and Baobab's flexibility.

Here is the 16 November announcement from Ami's blog: "I have decided to register with Production Baobab as of 15 November. Please support me in this change. This is the same agency as my beloved Sanpei-chan. Although we have decided to each follow our own work-paths, from now on with Baobab, Sanpei-chan and I will work together more closely as friends, lovers (lol), and rivals."

Sanpei joined Baobab on November 1, after a short period as a free agent. She left her first agency, Gekidan Wakakusa, in May. Baobab is apparently not as prominent an agency as it once was, but other seiyuu represented by it include such successful names as Fukuyama Jun, Yajima Akiko, Gotou Yuuko, Kawakami Tomoko, Matsuoka Yuki, and Kobayashi Sanae.

Both Ami and Pe have been getting lots of good roles no matter which agency, if any, they have been with. But perhaps Baobab will be able to get Ami some long-running, high-paying roles in kids' shows. I hope she can get more serious roles, too. Both Ami and Pe are among the best young seiyuu in the business.