Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hirano Aya Hosts Moegaku 5, Will Star in Spring Anime

This winter, Aaya is hosting a daily 15-minute language-learning show ostensibly for kids called Moegaku 5 もえがく★5. Not something that will keep you glued to the screen, but amusing and useful in its way.

And next April, she will star in a new "action comedy" anime called Zettai Karen Children. In between, of course, she will be in the new one-episode Fist of the North Star OVA that comes out in late March. A new Suzumiya Haruhi series is expected either this fall or early next year.

Moegaku 5 starts with an anime of about 7-8 minutes, set in Akihabara. The anime features foreigners speaking words from a foreign language: Monday English, Tuesday Korean, Wednesday Spanish, Thursday Chinese, Friday French. Aaya voices the big maid character.

Then Aaya sits down with a child who is a native speaker of the language but also knows Japanese and the child teaches her three words or expressions from the anime, correcting her until she gets them right. Finally, there is a session with a team of rope-skippers, in which they and Aaya and the child dance and skip as they repeat the words learned on the show.

Here's Aaya learning Spanish, from YouTube. And here's the anime for the first week's French lesson, including the anime OP.

The words taught seem to be either very idiomatic or direct approximations to Japanese, and not the usual words you see in language teaching. Such as Spanish "hasta la proxima" or Chinese "chuci jianmian 初次见面 (that "ci 次" gave Aaya a lot of trouble). I think the value of the show could be mainly in making young kids familiar with the idea of a foreign language, and with some foreign sounds. The skipping and chanting in particular, weird as they seem, may be useful.

As Aaya said in her blog when these first episodes were being recorded late last year, the kids can be hard taskmasters. The little Chinese girl in particular wouldn't let her get away with pronunciation that was too bad. In fact, I think Aaya is doing okay -- with everything except pronouncing Chinese. It ain't easy for any non-Chinese, so she can be forgiven.

The kids are not the greatest dancers -- again with the exception of the little Chinese girl, who is clearly a ball of fire.

Especially in the opening, Aaya uses her highest and most artificial voice. I personally can't stand it, but it follows a Japanese norm for manic entertainments of this kind. The manic presentation comes down a bit when she is sitting there actually trying to get the pronunciation right, so there is hope.

Aaya also wrote in her blog that she was exhausted from the rope-skipping and dancing. She clearly takes the easy way out in the little bit of skipping she does on-screen.

In news of a possibly more interesting show, Aaya will star in a new "action comedy" this coming April. It is Zettai Karen Children 絶対可憐チルドレン, which is from a popular manga involving three girls who have super-powers, and the young man who manages them as they solve mysteries and problems.

Aya will be the main girl, Kaoru, who has telekinetic powers and can also teleport herself short distances. The pic is from the manga's official site. No news yet of who the staff will be.

Starring with her will be Kamiya Hiroshi (Zetsubou Sensei), Shiraishi Ryouko, and Kanda Akemi.


Asuka said...

Just saw the Spanish, Korean and French episodes on Youtube. The show is crack! XD Although some of the words, like you said, are rather iffy, I still wished such a show were available when I was little.

Kaioshin Sama said...

I saw episode on on niconico out of curiousity. it wasn't particularly inspiring all things considered. The American Cowboy stereotype was a bit over the top too. I mean not all American's are hicks that talk with in brusque tone. I really hope they don't set their sites on Canada otherwise we're going to see a Mountie or a Hockey Player or something I would suspect.

As for the Hirano segement, it wasn't on there. I have heard complaint about the voice Aya Hirano used being overly high pitched and cutesy. I'm guessing it sounded similar to Rie Kugimiya's Nene in Potemayo, but I guess I'll never know. What's going on with her though. Last thing you said she was trying to find another agent and make a career jump and now it almost seems like she got knocked down a couple notches or something. If only fate were half as kind to her as it's been to Rie Kugimiya lately.

Time will tell if this is a rough patch or a career ending gig though. Tell me, is 2ch abustle with criticism over this?

hashihime said...

@kaioshin_sama -- This show isn't a career setback for Aya, it's a big step up. She has her face on TV five days a week (and a full replay late Sundays) and is probably getting paid more for this than for any anime she has ever done. You have to remember that seiyuus are near the bottom of the hierarchy in the Japanese entertainment world.

She supposedly wanted to change agencies last summer, but Spacecraft kept her, perhaps by promising to promote her in idol activities such as this.

If you want to see her on the show, follow the link in my blog piece. As I said in the piece, I don't like the high voice and manic manner, but it's a kids' show. I prefer her in her calmer, more mature guise.

I haven't read much on 2channel about this show. There is a thread, but a small one.

Zyg said...

thanks for the Aya news (good or bad lol) ^^ really appreciate it~