Monday, January 07, 2008

Hirano Aya in Hawaii and Other Photos

Hirano Aya made a quick trip to Hawaii last weekend for a photo-shoot. She found it beautiful, but a bit chillier than she expected. Click photos to enlarge.

She enjoyed some bits of American commerce (below): a hamburger as big as her head, and a big Disney store, where she bought pajamas, among other things. "I want to be a kid again." She says that girls' sizes for 8-10-year-olds or 10-12-year-olds seemed to fit her.

Below left is her New Year's picture, with which she wished everyone a happy new year on January 1. And here are a couple of pics from late December: one from a photo-shoot, and one that shows her eating dinner at a restaurant. Is that the "real" Aya?

All these photos are from Aya's blog. There were some great shots in late December.

The eyepatch shot is from 31 December, when she had a sty on her eye -- and was thinking like Garnet (the role she plays in Dragonaut).

She even did a photo-shoot as Alice in Wonderland. She wrote that she once won a costume contest at a Sesame Street theme park dressed as Alice so she feels a connection with her. I believe that was when she was a toddler, living in the US. She laughed that the right-hand picture is "disgusting."

Finally, here are some pics of Aya with her family's dog Chibi-chan ("Midget"), also known as Chibi Taikun ("Lord Midget"). She says it's a seven-year-old male "wiener dog," and she loves it, and it loves its "big sister" Aya. Personally, I find kissing dogs fairly disgusting, but since it's Aya....

Besides the continuing stream of TV appearances and photo shoots, Aya's main work this month is as host of Moegaku 5 (もえがく★5), a daily 15-minute TV show that teaches kids languages. She also voices a character in the animated part of the show.


totali said...

lol that picture with the eyepatch is so moe.

Apparently someone agrees (nano~). XD

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I'm going to sound like a bunch of other bashing fans, but Aya was awesome Pre-Haruhi, and she was awesome a bit after Haruhi too, but I'm not sure, but she seems to turned into a direction where she's not an idol in my list anymore.

The dog she has reminds me of the dog (Coco-chan) that Miyano Mamoru was doing a photoshoot with a long time ago, there was a video of it on youtube, probably still there.

Emily said...

lol I find kissing dogs disgusting too O_O But the last picture is really cute.

hashihime said...

@anonymous -- I was more or less completely unaware of Aya pre-Haruhi, lol. In fact, even Haruhi didn't really turn me on to her. It was Layla in NANA that did that. And Konata sealed the deal. Everyone has their own reactions. Her appearances and her blog make her seem a natural and interesting person, at least to me.

@totali -- I could never understand the idea that eyepatches were moe -- until Chihiro in ef, and now this. I like the hard, Garnet-like look in her eye, too.

@emily -- I'm not much of a dog person, but I found even the shot of the dog alone kind of cute, staring up at his "onee-san".

deftoned said...

I have a photo looks very similar to the 2nd image in the 1st row. I have family that lives in Honolulu, so I was back there for a wedding, so the photos might have been taken from the same hotel. :D

Looks like she had fun on Oahu. I absolutely love Hawaii and have been there a number of times and hope to head back there later in the summer. Lucky for her because she during the slow tourist season and the weather isn't as humid.

scarface said...

Yeah i was wondering about the eyepatch too. I love it and am using it as my msn pic. Does it reference anything in particular or did she just felt like using it?