Monday, January 28, 2008

Hirano Aya In New Lupin III OVA

Hirano Aya will play Yukiko in a new Lupin III OVA, Green vs. Red, which is due out in April.

This is the 40th anniversary production for the classic franchise, which includes numerous manga, TV anime, feature films, direct-to-video releases, television specials, music CDs, video games, and a musical, as well as a Hollywood movie, slated to come out in 2009.

This spring, Aya will also be in a Fist of the North Star OVA, as well as the series Zettai Karen Children.

She is currently hosting Moegaku 5, a language-learning program for kids, five days a week on TV. Starting February 1, she will co-host a weekly variety TV show about movies, called Cinema Renaissance -- Aaya City 「キネマルネッサンス あ~や城」 on Midtown TV on the web TV channel GyaO.

She is in the game Appreach Majyan (associated with Final Approach 2) of which a preview is now available for free download from Princess Soft. She is billed fifth in the cast, after Katou Emiri, Sendai Eri, Toyoguchi Megumi, and Hisakawa Aya.

She does the voice of a cat (or maybe cats) in the film Honjitsu no Nekojijyo, which comes out on DVD 22 February.

She plays Ilona in the animated part of the film Renaissance, which is now on sale in DVD.

She plays the fairy Emily in a Hello Kitty anime now on TV in Japan on Kitty's Paradise: Apple Forest - Parallel Town.

And she is host or co-host of three different current radio shows: Animelo Mix, Say Good Luck, and the radio show for the game Ramen Angel Pretty Menma, in which she is Menma.

She will appear in a Galaxy Angelune live show on 27 February. And she will have her own mini-lives for last fall's CD singles on march 1 in Osaka and March 15 in Tokyo.

And there are more versions of Suzumiya Haruhi games coming out. There was a wild rumor that she was giving up the character Haruhi, but her presence in the new games puts the lie to that. Rumors are that the second Haruhi anime series will start either this fall or next spring.

All these bits and pieces add up to a lot of work, but it is not straight anime work. Cast lists for spring anime are just appearing, so she may be in more than one show.

Her idol work continues apace, however. She is in Guam right now for some kind of photo-shoot.

The photos on her blog have suddenly become larger. She says that she has a new cellphone, and by checking the posted photos with the program Exif Reader, I can say that it is an NTT DoCoMo N905i, which features a 5mpx camera with face detection.

I found out about Exif Reader from the 2channel Aaya thread, where someone used it to show that the photos of a Christmas party she posted on Christmas Day were actually shot December 21. The poster and others came to the conclusion, from other blog posts, that she spent Christmas alone, eating Italian food. Lol. What a world is 2channel.


Anonymous said...

"The poster and others came to the conclusion, from other blog posts, that she spent Christmas alone, eating Italian food. Lol. What a world is 2channel."

Lol, they really have a lively (or sad?) imagination.

Scarface said...

LOL i find it funny they don't consider that Aya spent christmas with family and did not want to post private pictures.

PS I have a secret to tell you guys. Aya spent christmas with me and I didnt want our relationship to be public... LOL

Anonymous said...

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savofenno said...

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