Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 2008 Anime -- Popularity on 2channel in Japan

After 2 or 3 episodes, the new season of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei seems to lead the pack, with true tears, Yattaman, and Shigofumi next, but far behind.

Spice & Wolf, Persona, and Rosario to Vampire come next, with others strung out behind. It's hard to gauge how popular Minami-ke O-kawari is, since it is simply continuing the original series' threads (and is on its 96th).

Here is a rough list showing which thread each show is currently on. Each completed thread represents about 1000 posts.

Zoku Zetsubou Sensei 67
True Tears 17
Yattaman 13
Shigofumi 11
Spice & Wolf 9
Persona 8
Rosario to Vampire 8
Hakaba Kitarou 7
KimiAru 7
ARIA the Origination 6
H2O 6
Hatenkou Yuugi 3
Major 4 3
Ayakashi 2
Moegaku 5 1

  • true tears is getting the attention I think it deserves.
  • Yattaman's popularity shows the effect of its long history.
  • With all its faults, I enjoy Ayakashi more than 2channel does.
  • Hatenkou Yuugi's low popularity is a further demonstration of 2channel's allergy to any anime that can be classed as shoujo.
  • Moegaku 5 is more an educational variety show than an anime show, even though it has an anime element.
  • A show or two may be missing since I included only the top 100 most recently posted-to threads.
  • thanks to tj han and to the geek by any other name for various corrections.


psgels said...

"# Major and Hakuten Yuugi's low popularity are a further demonstration of 2channel's allergy to any anime that can be classed as shoujo.
# A show or two may be missing since I included only the top 100 most recently posted-to threads."

Ah, so that's why I missed Porfy's Long Journey on the list. I wonder how many posts it actually received...

tj han said...

Major shoujo? Are you fucking kidding? I'm assuming you meant shoujo or shounen and it was a typo.

Anyway, this season is terrible and the otaku on 2ch have terrible tastes and many of my anime-viewing friends are extremely disillusioned with this season and aren't watching anything.

Minamike 2 is so bad it made the original look like Jesus the Movie.

At least there are great ongoing shows like Kaiji.

My personal favourite is still Major season 4, you can't beat the nostalgia.

hashihime said...

@psgels -- I should have searched out Porfy, which is in fact one of the shows I'm watching. It's still halfway through its first thread, with 535 posts.

@tj han -- Totally right. Major is not Prince of Tennis. My brain must have been in neutral, lol. As it sometimes is. (By the way, I'd rather not have swearing on the blog, but no big deal.)

ShoujoGirl said...

I have to say Wolf and Spice got me.
Koshimizu-san is amazing as Horo. I wonder if she knows it.

hashihime said...

@shoujogirl -- I hope she knows it. She hasn't said anything about it in her blog yet, and she discontinued allowing comments there a few months ago, so we can't tell her directly.

I think true tears is the class of this new season, but Ami has made Spice & Wolf a strong show so far.

Kaioshin Sama said...

Of the shows airing this season I have to say I only really like Spice and Wolf and perhaps have a guilty pleasure in These Are My Noble Masters. Gundam 00 carries over from last season though as my favourite anime currently on TV.

That the galge adaptation series are the most discussed on 2ch doesn't surprise me. I guess if they have a say in it then that formula for producin anime will remain prominent and profitable for some time to come. I just hope it doesn't kill other creators desires to take risks with original series as it seems to have this season.

Is there even an original property in this season at all even that isn't based on a (Visual) Novel or Manga?

Skua said...

@Kaioshin Sama:

As far as content goes, true tears is 100% original, even if they're recycling an existing IP (apparently licensed before the game was released).

It isn't an adaptation, which makes sense considering the unpopularity of the original game. The show's getting attention on its own merits.

hl said...

For me at least, the US torrent popularity of an anime is a better indicator than the 2ch thread numbers of how much I will like an anime.

hashihime said...

@hl -- Good point about torrent download being closer to your own preferences. AnimeSuki posts is another indicator.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Major typically gets monstrous TV ratings so I don't think that 2chan buzz equates to the actual buzz with real world viewers.

Also, the actual ratings for most of these shows, including the front runner for romance anime Clannad, is quite a bit lower than that of Major or Pretty Cure.

Though I love Aria, I don't know what's to really discuss about it. I think there's plenty other great shows like Kaiji which I would've thought would get more online buzz. But again, stuff like Kaiji seems to do better in actual ratings instead.

hashihime said...

@anonymous -- All true. That's why I specified 2channel in the title. 2channel otaku are not the entire anime-watching public. I was just looking at ratings and noted that Gundam00 is doing well, at a 5% share, but it is on right opposite Major, which has a 5.8. And the only new show in the top ten is Hakaba Kitarou. Yattaman, however, does well across the board, with a 10.5% rating.

Here are the sites I check for ratings:

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