Friday, January 11, 2008

Koshimizu Ami and Friend(s)

Koshimizu Ami 小清水亜美 started this new year right. She got a good fortune during her temple visit on New Year's Day, then she and her friend Sanpei Yuuko 三瓶由布子 went on a trip to Kyoto, and finally she and Sakakibara Yui went to Matsuki Miyu's house for a dinner.

Amisuke's depth of feeling for her old friend Pe (Sanpei Yuuko) shows up in the fact that pretty well all the photos from Kyoto are of her. And when Amisuke talks about others, she always adds something about Pe. I myself think Pe is one of the most attractive seiyuu of all, so I can sympathize with Ami's fascination. (click photos to enlarge)

After the trip, they had a meal with some friends from high school. Amisuke and Pe met in the first year of high school. Ami said that their high school friends were all so cute they looked like models, even though some were already housewives. The left-hand picture below is from their beautiful winter meal.

They also got together with college friends of Pe's to play Mah Jong. They were all cute, too, and with Pe there, Ami joked that it seemed like a harem.

And finally, Ami went for dinner to Matsuki Miyu's place. Sakakibara Yui ("Yui-nyan") was also there. Ami made sure we realized that Pe was invited but had something else she had to do. Dinner was Itarian food: Napa cabbage, onion, green onion and chicken in a tomato-based sauce, with penne. Delicious, says Ami.

The right-hand picture is Yui-nyan's leg, showing all the cat-hair from MiyuMiyu's cats, Bonta and Chii. Yui-nyan is starting to turn into a cat herself, says Ami.

Last New Year's, Ami got a fortune of "misfortune," and that seemed to hold true, she has said. She had terrible stomach trouble that even kept her from sleeping sometimes, and she once said she was losing her high voice range. But she is very optimistic about 2008. Her fascinating performance as Horo the goddess/wolf in Wolf and Spice is a great start. I have hopes this will become a signature performance for her. But she ended 2007 with good performances, too: as Nanaka in late episodes of Myself;Yourself, and as Yoshino in episode 13 of KimiKiss.

Pe and Ami are now both with the big Production Baobab talent agency. Pe was Renton in Eureka7 and is Cure Dream in Precure5. The two will star together for the first time since Eureka7, in the three-episode OVA My-Otome 0~S.ifr~, which begins in late February. (Thanks fr the correction, anonymous.)


Anonymous said...

Actually, both of them starred in Eureka 7, though I don't think they had any scenes together iirc, if that's what you meant.