Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hirano Aya: Live Shows in Osaka, Tokyo

Hirano Aya had a live show in Osaka on Saturday, and will put on a similar show in Tokyo on March 15.

The Osaka show consisted of a musical quiz at the beginning, then a set of six songs and two encores. Reaction from a few attendees who posted on 2channel was mixed. A couple of people commented on there being some women in the audience.

Here are a slew of photos from Aya's blog. First are some from the performance itself -- (l-r) Aya and the band psyching themselves up for the show, Aya nervous, Aya made of light, the band: (click to enlarge)

Recently, I've been listening to Neophilia, MonStAR, and First Goodbye, and to the scat song from a Sumomomo Momomo CD, and I actually think she's very good as a jazzy pop performer, quite musical and rhythmic, and uses some of her seiyuu techniques to bring meaning. To me, the CDs are more interesting and enjoyable than most singers', even if she's not really a polished professional and I'm not sure she has the ability to do it live. I look forward to hearing more from this show and the one in Tokyo.

Here's the set list: LOVE★GUN, NEOPHILIA, MonStAR, (costume change), Love Song, forget me nots..., GLITTER -- encore medley (Breakthrough, Ichiban Hoshi, Bouken Desho Desho?, Kazeyomi Ribon, Ashita no prism, Yorokobi no Uta). Photos during and after the show:

"Princess Aya", as she appears on GyaO Midtown TV, and during make-up. The shirt apparently says "I'll teach you XXX":

At rehearsal the week before. I'm surprised to see the leaf on the yellow shirt:

Farewell to the cast of Eyeshield21, at a cast party after recording the final (146th) episode (l-r) ??, Irino Miyu, Aya, Miyano Mamoru, Yamaguchi Kappei. At the cast party after recording the last episode of Dragonaut, Gouda Hozumi, who played Nozaki, turned out to be a graduate ("OB" = "old boy") of Aya's school. Aya with the DVD for Hello Kitty -- Apple Woods Parallel Town, in which she does a voice. She and Uchida Yuya, who plays Nijuumensou, went to see Ohara Shinji, the mangaka of Nijuu Mensou no Musume ("Chico, Heiress of the Phantom Thief"), in which Aya will star starting in April. Aya says they had a very interesting conversation and got a lot that they can use in preparing to play their characters:


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