Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Takagaki Ayahi to Graduate from College

In her blog yesterday, Takagaki Ayahi reported that she is graduating from college.

She described the scene of crowds at the notice-board where the results were posted, with cries of joy and cries of pain all around her, her legs shaking with nervousness, and then joining her friends in celebrating their success.

Aya-hime has supposedly been majoring in vocal music at a Tokyo-area university, but she herself had not said what her major is or where she has been studying.

Aya-hime turned 22 last October, but only debuted 1n 2006, with minor roles in Ouran and Jigoku Shoujo. Producers must have liked what they heard, however, because she had four major roles in 2007: Rucchia in Venus Versus Virus, Feldt Grace in Gundam00, Jasmine in Deltora Quest, and Otome in Da Capo 2 -- as well as minor roles in Manabi Straight, Umisho, Toward the Terra, Baccano, and Ninomiya-kun.

But it is as Noe in true tears that she is really reaching the heights. Her performance is first-rate, with subtle changes of intonation and deep expressiveness.

In April, she will appear in a major role in S.A. - Special A, which stars Gotou Yuuko and Fukuyama Jun, and also has Shimono Hiro, Nabatame Hitomi, and Yonaga Tsubasa in the cast.

Here are her Anime News Network page, her official site, her blog, the true tears radio page, and her Japanese Wikipedia page.

As a college graduate, she will join a long list of seiyuus which includes: Asano Masumi, Ikezawa Haruna, Itou Miki, Inoue Marina, Ueda Kana, Ohara Sayaka, Kakazu Yumi, Kaneda Tomoko, Kobayashi Yumiko, Hirohashi Ryou, Fujita Saki, Matsuoka Yuki, Matsuki Miyu, Yamamoto Maria, and Inoue Kikuko. A few seiyuu have attended college for a time but dropped out: for example, Chiba Saeko, Yukana, and Hirano Aya.

On a page of her official site, she has a long list of likes and dislikes worthy of a teen-group fansite. She likes to draw, sing, collect cute things and listen to music, and particularly likes Japanese dance, musicals, and opera. She likes Disney movies and The Sound of Music. In school, the subjects she liked were music, art, and physical education. The places she likes are home, parks, aquariums, and zoos. She likes musicals, her family, going out with friends, and playing with cats. As for her type in a guy, it would be an entertainer who is taller than she is and someone who could be a tsundere.

Her favorite color is pink. She likes roses and cherry-blossoms. Her favorite number is eight. Her favorite animals are cats and aquatic mammals. Her favorite foods are ice cream and chocolate cake. As a child, her dream was to be an actress or a seiyuu, and to be in Sailor Moon. On TV she watches everything. She's really bad at games, and can't deal with ghost stories, math and physics, spicy food and lots of other things. To relieve stress, she talks with her family, goes out, or sleeps. To sum up her character, she uses the words "noisy" and "crybaby."

She comes from a large family, and on 2channel, people have heard that she sleeps in one room with her mother and younger sister.


Aurelia said...

Megumi's actually a horrible singer, and she doesn't talk often in the S.A. manga, but shen she does, it's a good idea for the characters to cover their ears, so I wonder how many lines Ayahi will actually have.

Anonymous said...

She likes tsundere guys? That's pretty masochistic... *shakes head*

divine|s said...

<3 Ayahi. Is that a typo for "Felt Grace" btw?

Emily said...

No, her character's name is "Feldt Grace" =P

I should've finished watching Deltora Quest then xD

lol GO the random Ouran character xD I need to watch more of Ayahi, she sounds cool :)

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