Friday, April 04, 2008

Hirano Aya Tokyo Mini-Live -- Report

Hirano Aya performed a "mini-live" in Tokyo on March 15. Reports (Animate, axive) say that the crowd was enthusiastic and Aya was at her best.

One report commented on the "rough" sound of the excellent four-piece band, not like a seiyuu band at all, and said that the beginning of a "Hirano sound" was starting to come clear. The report said that you could hear her musicality coming through, both in the hard and in the soft vocals. In her blog, Aya has been extremely enthusiastic about this band. (click photos to enlarge)

This was the second in a two-concert series. Aya had performed the same show in Osaka a couple of weeks earlier. The show was a commemoration of her three fall singles, and was only open to those who had bought all three. They came from all over Japan -- Hokkaido to Kagoshima -- to pack the little 1300-seat hall at Shibuya O-East.

There were a number of women in the audience, both in the front row and in special booths set up at the back, outside the sea of roaring testosterone. Aya said she has been getting more fan-letters from women and was very happy about that.

the band

In the talk portion of the show, Aya commented that she had been tempted to refuse the seiyuu awards she received, since she didn't feel she deserved them, but realized that they were honoring all the people who worked to create Lucky Star. She said she is still just developing as an artist and promised to do her best to get better.

Aya is a believer in fortune-telling and said that a palmist had told her last year would be a hard one, but this year and the next ten years would be excellent. She talked about her roles in Zettai Karen Children (which starts this Sunday morning) and in Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief (Nijuu Mensou no Musume), which starts the following Saturday. She said that in Chiko, people would hear an Aya they had never heard before, and that she wanted people to be surprised it was her when they saw the credits.

She also mentioned her next single, unnamed world, the ED to Chiko, which comes out 23 April. She will have a new idol DVD coming out on the 25th, too.

As for anime, besides the two series starting soon, the one-episode OVAs Lupin 3: Black and Red and Fist of the North Star: The Legend of Toki are already out. And it has now been announced that she has a role in Amuri of Star Ocean, a three-ep OVA starting 23 May.

Set list:
03. MonStAR
04. Love Song
05. forget me nots…
01. Medley(Breakthrough~Ichiban Hoshi~Bouken Desho Desho?~Ashita no prism~Kazeyomi Ribon~Yorokobi no Uta)
02. MonStAR

And finally, here are assorted shots from Aya's blog over the past few weeks: 1. practicing drums in the studio. I'm not sure we'll hear her play them, but she was spending time learning; 2. waiting backstage on a cold day, with a handwarmer pack against her stomach; 3. cherry blossoms at a shrine; 4. forgot to shoot herself in this week's Midtown TV Princess Aya costume.


danie~ said...

It's great seeing her back to the seiyuu world by doing 2 series and 3 OVAs this season. I'm regaining my faith in her~ ^^

Anyway, I just bought local copy of Haruhi DVDs and saw her Bouken Desho Desho sale promo, which showed she worked really hard - all those Aaya haters should watch this.

W-General said...

This is what I like to see, Hirano Aya coming out and destroying (totally unfounded) rumors that she "never wanted to be a seiyuu in the first place."

I don't want her to abandon the anime industry, and I don't want her ventures into popular entertainment fail. I wish the very best for her success in both realms, and I believe she can be the one who bridges the gap between mainstream entertainment and anime sub-culture (the other one being Shokotan).

Compared to her humility in receiving the award, some of those so-called "seiyuu-otakus" on 2ch should think twice about maturity when bad-mouthing her for getting the award.