Saturday, April 19, 2008

How Katou Emiri Became a Seiyuu

Katou Emiri was doing design at a Tokyo high school, but was coming to realize that she wasn't as talented as the people around her. Then a classmate suggested she come along to see a seiyuu school: the classmate was Kano Yui (left, with Emirin).

Emirin was asked in an interview if there was any seiyuu she admired as a kid. She said no, that she had no idea of becoming a seiyuu, she just went on the visit to see what being a seiyuu was like, and decided it seemed okay.

Last year, Yui won one of the "best new seiyuu" awards at the Seiyuu Awards, for her comic excesses as Momoko in Sumomo mo Momo mo. This year Emirin did, for her work as Kagami in Lucky Star. What a difference a few years can make.

Yui and Emirin both studied voice work at the Amusement Media Academy. But Yui went on to join the Aoni Pro agency, while Emirin is with 81 Produce. They are both 24, and both did their first anime work in 2004.

Here are some more photos. Left, Emirin (centre) with Fukuhara Kaori (left) and Endou Aya, from Lucky Star. Centre, Kano Yui. Right, Yui and Emirin's high school classmates, at a recent get-together. (Yui couldn't make it because of work.) (click photos to enlarge)

Info from Watch! Seiyuu-san.


Youko said...

EMIRI POST!! d(^o^)b

I was surprised and amazingly thrilled hearing that she won two awards. Lately I think she's being recognized a lot more now seeing as how she's involved in quite a few new anime this season.

danie~ said...

> youko
I only acknowledge her best newcomer award, thou :P I will never accept Motekke Serafuku as the best song while Secret Ambition and Junpaku Sanctuary are around. This season she's good as Witch Blair (Soul Eater), in fact she sounded even better because of Omigawa lol.

Shippoyasha said...

Her best work IMO was her as Blossom in Power Puff Girls Z. She just has a ridiculously cutey sugaryness you don't always find even amongst pro seiyuu.

hashihime said...

@danie~ -- My own vote for best seiyuu song of 2007 would go to Hayami Saori for the ED to Touka Gettan. Even Hirano Aya didn't think she deserved the award for singing Motteke. But it was a very strong novelty song with a lot of popularity, so there was at least some reason.