Tuesday, April 15, 2008

紅 kure-nai -- characters and seiyuus

Kure-nai is my favorite of the new shows, after two episodes. Drama, character, action, comedy, mystery, good animation, good music, and a cute seven-year old rich girl whose bitchiness is mitigated by her intelligence and basic goodness.

Sawashiro Miyuki is her usual excellent self, but the real surprise is 16-year-old Yuuki Aoi, who is giving us a real seven-year-old and some dramatic power. Relative unknown Kimura Haruka, who has really only done bit parts until now, has impressed me with her portrayal of the rather creepy neighbor Yamie. And Sanada Asami, who was Di Gi Charat to Sawashiro's Petit Charat, is reunited with her here.

To keep the excellent voice-actors straight, I have made a page with pics of each main character and their VA, also giving a bit of info about the VA. Click here or on the image below to go to the full page:


Petrouchka said...

Thanks for gathering these informations about the cast ! I was a bit apprehensive about Sawashiro voicing the male lead, but by the end of the first episode I was definitely impressed.
I'm enjoying a lot Aoi Yuuki's acting as well. I think we should keep an eye on her next roles :)