Friday, April 18, 2008

Macross Frontier -- character/seiyuu pics & info

For those of us who have trouble keeping all this stuff in memory, I've made a page showing the main characters in Macross Frontier, with pics of the character and of their VAs, along with info about each VA. Click here or on the picture to go to the full page.

There is basically just a lot of good voice-acting in this show. Nakamura Yuuichi shows that it is no accident he has become such a hot property. And Nakajima Megumi is making the most of her debut role as Lanka, despite the odd bit of newbie flatness. I also thought her insert song in ep3 was excellent.

But Endou Aya as Sheryl is really blowing me away. Once again, it's no accident that she has three starring roles this spring (in this, Neo-Angelique, and My-Otome s.ifr).

Add names like Kamiya Hiroshi (Zetsubou Sensei), Fukuyama Jun (Lerouch), Kuwashima Houko (Shuurei in Saiunkoku), Kobayashi Sanae (Maya in Glass Mask, one of the greatest performances I've ever seen), Konishi Katsuyuki (Kamina in Gurren-Laggan), and Sugita Tomokazu (Kyon), and you've really got a cast that can do the job.


Owen S said...

Yuuichi Nakamura slipped into his Tomoya voice quite a few times and I laughed whenever he did. His ANN page lists quite the number of diverse roles, though, so I was surprised.

uragayduck said...

surprised you didn't mention Tanaka Rie and/or Hirano Aya. i'm just glad that Aya isn't a lead role this time around since Endou Aya and Nakajima Megumi deserve the spotlight epsecially with this legendary series.

hashihime said...

@uragayduck -- I just included the roles they had on the official site's characters page. As the show goes on, I plan to take screencaps and add people like Aya and Rie, who are two of the best, in my opinion, and Inoue Kikuko, who is pretty good herself. I agree that it's good Aya stays out of the limelight on this show. She's got two starring roles this spring. That's enough.

@owen s -- I didn't notice that. I'll be on the lookout when I watch the episode again. Thanks for mentioning it.

andrew said...

I think it's excellent that a newbie got a leading role. Megumi Nakajima is an excellent singer too, IMNSVHO. What can I say; I hope she becomes as successful as her costars here (including Aya).