Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nijuu-mensou no Musume -- ED PV, 2channel, Hirano Aya

Through two episodes, this show is firing on all cylinders for me. As a poster on the Japanese forum 2channel wrote, it uses modern techniques but gives a retro feel. As another poster wrote, it is refined rather than showy.

As usual, there is a range of opinion on 2channel, but the great majority of posters like the show. The main thing they have against is that it is on TV too late at night (2am or later), when it seems to be a show more suited to daytime broadcast. One poster says that if it keeps on as it is, it will be a classic.

Various people were moved by the two strong quotes from Nijuu-mensou himself, "Twenty-Faces," the phantom thief. The first, that his "daughter" Chiko should "watch, listen and think for herself" to discover what work she should do. Chiko did just that in ep2, as well as thinking what Nijuu-mensou would do in her situation. The second quote, said to the Chinese woman in ep2 (beautifully played by Kigawa Eriko, who was Maeter in Eureka Seven), was to ask if, like him, she had ever decided to devote her life to someone, or ever thought back with shame on her sins.

This appears to be a simple crime adventure, but it is a deeper show than that. And for me, Aya and Uchida Yuya (Nijuu-mensou) give performances that convey appropriate depth of thought and feeling.

Aya's performance comes in for more praise than blame on 2channel, which is unusual there. One poster was surprised that she was "not annoying." Another pointed out that the ubiquitous anti-Aya forces had been toned down by her good performance. Some people think she's wrong for the part, others that she is showing her range. Another said that she seems to be feeling her way into a new area. I agree with that. I look forward to hearing how she conveys Chiko's maturation.

I personally think the OP and ED are among the best this season. The OP by 369 (YouTube) gives me a great feeling combining anticipation and melancholy. Aya's ED simply rocks. One 2channel poster wanted to replace both songs, and I just cannot understand that opinion for the life of me. Chacun à son gout.

Here is the PV of Aya's ED, unnamed world, from YouTube -- complete with looong legs and lollipop (?!). I think it may sell a few CDs. (lyrics here): NOTE: The full PV has been removed from YouTube. Here is the preview version...

The CD was released Tuesday, and came in at #19 on the charts on its first day, lower than I would have thought. But I did not expect it to be very high. This kind of actual rock is not what the otaku audience seems to like, as some 2channel posters pointed out. The excellent B-side, Maybe I Can't Goodbye (YouTube), with Engrish lyrics by Aya herself, is even less to otaku tastes, with its Nirvana-like intro and pace. And Lantis has only just now released the full PV.

And to be honest Aya is still not at the level of many pro singers, either in skill or in fame. Sakamoto Maaya entered the charts on the same day at number six. But this is Aaya's best music to date, in my opinion, and she shows real promise as a rock singer, rather than a ballad singer. I especially like her combination of seiyuu voice dynamics with rock drive. However, I am clearly not in the same mental universe as most fans of anime music, since I still find Mizuki Nana's music skillful but boring. My favorite OP/ED of this season is Hayami Saori's ED ballad for Wagaya no Oinari-sama (YouTube). Hayamin is the Next Big Thing, in my opinion.

I've taken a look at a few chapters of the manga, and for me the anime improves on it in character design and other ways. Here is a comparison of Nijuu-mensou in the two (click to enlarge):

And here is the underground vehicle:

The anime makes small changes in details of the plot that to me make it flow better. For instance, Chiko's trick of using bottles as rollers to move a heavy case is not in the manga, at least at that point, so in the manga the captain changes his mind about her based entirely on her having been poisoned, rather than on a combination of that and her resourcefulness.

Well, it could still all fall apart, but I don't think it will. The quality of direction, art, and acting in the first two episodes suggests to me that they have a good idea what they are doing, and can keep it up.


Emily said...

Maybe I should watch the anime then xD

I must say I like this song a lot better than Love Gun, Neophilia or Monstar. You can really tell that her singing is improving, she reaches harder notes with more ease and it sounds like she has more control over her voice.

And I have to agree with you about Nana Mizuki, she has an excellent voice, but I never really liked any of her songs that much.

Anonymous said...

Loved Unnamed world, err... no comment on Maybe I can't Good-bye. Maybe the CD didn't sell so well because of the second song x:

RIPstan said...

I have the same sentiments as you, hashihime. I find the 'dynamic seiyuu voice with the rock drive' very much to my liking as well. She has the energy vibes and talented vocals to be a semi-rock star. Rock on Aya Hirano!

hashihime said...

@anonymous -- I think you may be right that people in general won't like the second song, but as I listen to them more, it has become my favorite. Aya simply goes into a zone and riffs, as she did with the Uma Kamen character song from Sumomo mo Momo mo.(YouTube) Her acrobatic voice soars and plunges all over the place, but making real music. It's an artificial style, but that makes it like the scat singing in Uma Kamen.