Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sakamoto Maaya #3, Hirano Aya #20

In their first week on the Oricon music charts, Sakamoto Maaya's Triangular (Macross F OP) came in at #3, while Hirano Aya's unnamed world (Nijuumensou no Musume ED) was #20.

Here is a list, from 2channel, of the placing of various anime-related songs on the charts over the past week, with sales figures:

#3 Triangular - Sakamoto Maaya (Macross F OP, 31,270)
#20 unnamed world - Hirano Aya (Nijuumensou no Musume ED, 7808)
#22 Sakura Amaneku Sekai - yozuka (Da Capo 2 SS OP, 7396)
#26 Dear Prince - Ikemen Samurai (Prince of Tennis tie-in, 6527)
#31 Bokutachi no Yukue - CooRie (Da Capo 2 SS ED, 5160)
#36 Love Jump - Kuribayashi Minami (Kurenai OP, 4166)
#39 Koi no Honoo - Sakakibara Yui (Kanokon ED, 3689)
#43 Phosphor - Miyazaki Ui (Kanokon OP, 3096)
#48 Chousai Kenbo Sengen - MOSAIC.WAV (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki OP, 2732)

Hirano's, Sakakibara Yui's, and MOSAIC.WAV's are the songs that I personally enjoy most, at the moment. The anti-Hirano people once again are posting on 2channel that she's finished and that her fans are crying because she didn't get into the top ten. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

But as I have been saying for the past year and a half, she is making one last attempt to be an idol/personality/singing star and it may work and it may not. I don't know what level of sales is acceptable to her backers. I love her recent music, but it doesn't seem geared to the market. Her second idol DVD just came out this week, too. I don't have sales figures for that, yet. She has at least got her face on TV quite a bit over the past few months, and I suspect she is getting comparatively good money for her seiyuu work these days. From what I can gather from her blog, at least she is making enough that, at 20, she no longer lives at home.


Deathy said...

I'm not fun of Aya latest single, but her past works always made me happy. And she already released her 2nd Idol DVD, oh crap...time to check it out.

Emily said...

I gotta say, I usually like Sakamoto Maaya's music and I think she's a really talented singer. But I don't really like Triangular, and I think maybe the gap between Aya's and her ranks should be a little smaller. But I suppose that's just my taste in music.

j1m0ne said...

Triangler only did well because of the Macross tie-in. Actually, that's one of the main factors in how well anime songs do - obviously 20-mensou is not as big a draw as Macross or Kamen Rider Den-O. Nearly 8000 copies sold is pretty good by Lantis standards anyway.

Kaioshin Sama said...

Count me in with feeling Triangler is nowhere near up to Maaya Sakamoto's usual standards. Yakosoku Wa Iranai (which is my all time favourite anime opening) and Hemisphere are much better as well as Puchira from Card Captor Sakura. It's so far off from her usual standards and style as well to the point where I think Triangler is the worst single she's ever put out.

I've always praised Maaya Sakamoto for rising above the heap of shallow trending pop and feeling like she's putting some soul into her singing voice, but this just sounds like any other squealing idol pop song. This is not the Maaya Sakamoto that I know.

This is.

hashihime said...

@j1m0ne -- Thanks for mentioning the tie-in thing, and the fact that 8000 in sales isn't too shabby, anyway. I didn't want to mention those things in case I came across sounding ungracious.

@Kaioshin -- I like the first couple of bars of the Macross OP, which seem to me to have some hook, but I can see where you're coming from as far as the others giving me more subtlety from her voice. And the Escaflowne opening, which I hadn't really listened to before, grows and grows on me, as an OP should.

However, I know I also have a high tolerance for "shallow-sounding pop." I like melody and emotional hook.

Kaioshin Sama said...

You know you should check out Escaflowne, you'd probably like it a lot. There's like what, 15% or less of the show devoted to mecha combat and the rest to fantasy and romance. It's a great blend of Shonen and Shoujo themes with a slight edge to Shoujo in my opinion.

W-General said...

I think Triangular is only mediocre. Sakamoto's singing skills aside, the lyrics made me cringe the moment I heard it.

"Kimi ha dare to kiss wo suru...watashi soretomo ano ko?"

I know it's supposed to mirror the Macross theme of love triangles, but that's just bad lyrics writing.

I actually like Unnamed World the best out of all 4 singles released so far. Probably because my music tastes have recently evolved and I've taken a particular liking rock band music nowadays.

Kaioshin Sama said...

@W-General: No it's probably something else other than evolved music tastes. Let's just say I feel you have something in common with Hashihime.