Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take a Trip with Katou Emiri, Gotou Saori, and Asumi Kana

Ever wanted to go on a trip with one of your favorite seiyuus? This might just be your chance.

Katou Emiri, Gotou Saori, and Asumi Kana (below, l-r) will be leading an overnight Natsu Matsuri Fan Tsuaa ("Summer Festival Fan Tour") bus trip from Tokyo to Hamamatsu at the end of September. They will give a live performance at the hotel, as well. Cost of the tour, including transportation, two meals and hotel, will be about US$400.

This is a fairly common thing for seiyuus to do. A few months ago, Koshimizu Ami held a similar event. This one is apparently organized by the seiyuus' agency: Emirin, Saorin, and Asumin are all with the 81 Produce agency.

Hamamatsu CastleThere will be from one to three 40-passenger buses, depending on how many people sign up. They will leave Tokyo on the morning of Sunday 28 September for the several-hour trip south to Hamamatsu, a city on the east coast just north of Nagoya. The hotel will provide dinner and then breakfast the next day. The mini-live will be after dinner.

Some of the rules are interesting: no photography or video; minors must have parental permission; no large presents for the seiyuu; and no unusual clothing (i.e., no cosplay). I'm sure the seiyuu are a bit apprehensive about what might turn up on the day. Nothing about no foreigners, but you never know.

Grand Hotel HamamatsuThe hotel people will be staying at is slated to be the Grand Hotel Hamamatsu. There is more info about the trip on this page.

Emirin, who is 24, was Kagami in Lucky Star, as well as being Sakuya in Candy Boy, and Blair in Soul Eater. Three memorable roles, the first of which gained her a "best new seiyuu" award this year.

Saorin, 21, was excellent as Yui in Rakugo Tennyo O-Yui, and was Barasuishou in a couple of Rozen Maiden shows and Karen in Sky Girls. I think she is one of the most beautiful of all active seiyuu, despite the photo above.

Asumin, 24, was Yuno in Hidamari Sketch and Kiyal in Gurren-Laggan, as well as now being Ran (Amu's red heart shugo chara) in Shugo Chara.


uragayduck said...

woah, a trip with Gotou Saori. that would be right up my alley if i was still in japan. aside from Hirano Aya and Mizuki Nana, she ranks as a favorite seiyuu/singer for me. something about her voice that's really soothing and comforting makes me love her voice.....or maybe it's the fact that i've followed her since her premier with the Galaxy Angel game series, heh. wonder just how popular she is though compared to the other two going with her.