Monday, June 30, 2008

New Shows This Week -- And Summer Anime Calendar

Here we go. This is the week the new shows roll out.

Tuesday: Ultraviolet Code 044 (Paku Romi)
Wednesday: Sekirei (Hayami Saori), Slayers Revolution (Hayashibara Megumi), Someday's Dreamers: Summer Skies (Hanazawa Kana)
Thursday: Antique Bakery (Miyano Mamoru), Strike Witches (ensemble cast), Hidamari Sketchx365 (ensemble cast)
Friday: Birdy the Mighty Decode (Chiba Saeko)
Saturday: Ryouko's Case File (Nabatame Hitomi)

And more to come in following weeks. I have once again done a calendar-style schedule for summer anime viewing, including both the new shows and current shows that are continuing, with highlights of staff and cast. Click image to go to calendar:

Mahou Showtime is an interactive listing that some people may prefer.


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Cool~ Can't wait for the new shows ^^