Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hidamari Sketch character/seiyuu pics

I've updated my page with pics of the characters and seiyuus in Hidamari Sketch x365. It now includes not only the four main characters and Yoshinoya-sensei, but also Chika, Natsume, Landlady-san, and Ume-sensei.

Here's a photo of the four main seiyuu, along with the mangaka, Aoki Ume, who plays the little green "Ume-sensei" character (click to enlarge a bit).

(l-r): Gotou Yuuko (Hiro), Mizuhashi Kaori (Miyako), mangaka Aoki Ume (Ume-sensei), Asumi Kana (Yuno), Shintani Ryoko (Sae).

And here's what the page itself looks like:

As for the show itself, I was blown away by episode one: artistic, funny, and touching. I didn't finish the first season, feeling I had got all the show had to give. But my enjoyment has been refreshed by the first episode of the new series.


HtoK said...

Hooray for Hidamari Sketch! The second season seems to be better than the first. If you wish to finish the first season after having seen the second, try to have lower expectations. There's nothing quite as sad as a good show ruining itself due to it setting a higher standard. Here's to hearing more good voice acting!

Shin said...

So that's how the Destroyer of Nutbladders looks like.