Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mizuki Nana, Hirano Aya to Star Together in "White Album"

Mizuki Nana and Hirano Aya will star together in White Album, an idol anime to air beginning in January 2009.

The anime is based on a PC game of which a PS3 version will also come out next year. The story involves Yuki (Hirano, in red), a new idol whose career increases the distance between her and her boyfriend. Rina (Mizuki, in white) is already a top idol, and the show will follow the evolution of the relationship between the two.

The story is set in 1986, during the Japanese "bubble" period. The economy was about to reach its peak for a while and then crash.

This is being billed as a "dream battle" between the two seiyuus. Here's hoping it brings their fans closer together, rather than driving them even further apart. No doubt the producers expect a bonanza from character CDs.

Since their singing styles are so different -- Nana's is much more polished and Aya's rocks more -- I look forward to seeing whether the music producers can make this combination work. The same goes for their acting styles, with Nana's more conventional and Aya's more idiosyncratic and harder for other seiyuus to blend in with. Here's hoping this will be a fruitful combination rather than a disastrous one.

Seven Arcs (Nanoha, Sekirei) will be the company in charge of animation production. Director will be Yoshida Taizou 吉田泰三, who did key animation on Eureka Seven and other shows, and storyboarded and directed several episodes each of Nanoha StrikerS and Otogijushi Akazukin, but who is a first-time director here. Music by Elements Garden.

Here is a Japanese site describing both the game and the anime.


issa-sa said...

Yea, hopefully the two factions can be brought to peace... Wait, have they actually been warring? (If so, Nana-chan 4tw! Err... so much for neutral stances...)

hashihime said...

@issa-sa -- "Warring" is too strong a word, but people seem to have strong opinions one way or the other. I've tiptoed around this with j1m0ne on her blog, and there is a thread on 2channel right now that has elicited strong feelings on both sides. They are very different performers, for sure. I enjoy Aya's singing more, but Nana-chan is certainly more skilled, and much more popular as a singer. Aya's popularity is more for her seiyuu work and her appearance, I think. I find the idea of them working together very intriguing, because they are so different, both as singers and as seiyuu.

Emily said...

You know, I watched the behind-the-scenes of Shrek, and the voice acting were all done separately and the actors pretty much never met. This is opposed to live action movies where the actors all interact, where a lot of friendships are made.

I was wondering, do seiyuus all come together to act, or do they all do their recordings on different days and such (like shrek?)

Because if Mizuki Nana and Aya Hirano become close, Nana fans and Aya fans will probably bridge the gap a bit.

But yeah, I may watch this, storyline is pretty much meh, but this collaboration will be interesting.

hashihime said...

@emily -- From what I have seen, all the VAs in a scene are usually in a studio together. It's quite a dance. There is sometimes a row of mikes and a longer row of VAs, and the VAs step forward to do their lines, then back to let others up to the mikes. I'm sure there is also separate recording sometimes, but for the two leads, I expect they will be together a lot. In blogs, small groups of seiyuu often seem to be going out for tea or a meal together after recording.

Emily said...

Ah I see =P Thank you for clearing that up ^_^

evilevilevil said...

wow for some reason, I thought "those two are going to duke it out" when I saw the cast. So Nana is to play Sheryl Nome to Aya's Ranka Lee? just kidding.

But seriously, though I'm a really big Nana fan, I have nothing against Hirano; I just have issues against the portion her rabid fans trashing other seiyuu and over-worshipping Aya. Oh, and her company for whoring her out too much. I love the very small amount of Aya roles I've heard, and I still listen to a few of her songs regularly.

That said, I love in-anime singing and will definitely be following this ^___^

I hope Nana does the opening song, and Aya the ending theme...because I think Nana's voice is suited to an attention-catching, fast-paced opening, and I love Aya's ballads :D