Friday, August 08, 2008

Miyano Mamoru, Hirano Aya in Death Note TV Talk Show

NTV is rerunning Death Note (again) this month, and the series will end with a new special episode "L's Successor" Lを継ぐ者.

The reruns are at 2:55 weekday afternoons from last Monday to Friday 22 August, and the special will be at 9pm on the last day.

In Hirano Aya's blog, she says there will be a "talk show" component to the final program, hosted by Miyano Mamoru and herself. The photos were taken at the recording session for the talk show. In fact, the reason for this post is not actually the information, but the photo at right, lol. (click photo to enlarge)

They make quite a couple. The two most widely popular young idol seiyuu of the moment, I'd say. If they were standing, you would see that Mamo-chan is six feet tall (183cm), while Aaya is under 5'3" (159cm).

I hasten to add that they are not a couple, as far as I know. Although they do seem to be quite friendly, having worked together on both Death Note and Eyeshield 21.

I note that Mamo-chan's Hellcat Punks T-shirt reads "Do You Have God Rock Inside?" Aaya's most recent shirt said "Power is an Aphrodisiac." If they actually understand what their shirts say, maybe Mamo-chan and Aya have cultural differences, lol. Or maybe not.

In fact, the Hirano Aya x Taniyama Kishou rumors are running on 2channel again -- on no very good evidence except that she has said she likes men in suits, which he has worn for publicity, and who can run fast, which he did as a champion runner in high school. And an old blog post from an unidentified person who claims he saw them holding hands last year.

As far as I can see from the official site, Aya does not actually have a role in the new special. But she has publicity value, it appears.


Shana-nee said...

As far as I remember, Aaya-onee said that she's good friends with Mamo-chan =)She said it In one of her Blog Entries, I think it's that one from Seiyuu Awards 2007. =)

Kari Manninen said...

I suspect Hirano Aya and Miyano Mamoru are at least good friends, if not couple. In photoshoot of Miyano in Seigura 200806 he was posing with a white/red Fender Mustang guitar, which i believe is owned by Hirano Aya.

Misako said...

I thought you might be interested in this... it seems Tsunku (the producer for Morning Musume) is going to produce a new single for Aya. And also they were at some event together (not altogether sure what it was for).

hashihime said...

@misako -- Thanks, yes. I just found another item on that via 2channel. He is going to produce the OP and ED for this fall's anime Hyakko, in which Aya will act, and for which she will do the ED. The OP will be by Ogawa Mana, a member of Canary Club, one of Tsunku's Hello! Project groups.

The event was the announcement of that info, and also of the fact that he will be producing something for a Japanese trampoline athlete who is at the Olympics, Hirota Haruka.

I like some of the songs of Berryz Koubou and Cute, and it will be interesting to hear what kind of thing he does with Aya, who definitely does not sing that kind of music right now.

kanzeon said...

They make quite a cute couple ^^ and I'm a huge fan of them both. I hope they would team up again on a new project sometime soon.