Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hirano Aya -- Big Forehead

One of the nasty things Hirano Aya is called by her 2channel detractors is "Deko Bitch," "deko" meaning "forehead."

She certainly does have a high forehead, which is one reason she has usually worn a hairstyle with her hair covering at least part of her forehead.

But one of the things I like about her is that she seems able to poke fun at herself. She did that in her blog today. She posted a photo of a birthday dinner at a restaurant with her core support staff. (click photos to enlarge)

The photo is dark, so you can see almost no-one clearly except her. She writes: "It's really dark. I'm the only one that's bright. Why is that? Reflection off my forehead?"

By the way, check this post on j1m0ne's blog for a reference to Aya in episode one of Kannagi.


Fuego999 said...

that photo on the right is super cute

Anonymous said...

Of course you can only see her in that photo.

I mean everyone is NOT in the area where the light shone at, except her. Going with basic physics, isn't that obvious that only she is visible in this kind of situation?

Emily said...

"Why is that? Reflection off my forehead?"

Ahaha xD I (also) totally love how she can poke fun at herself xD

ShoujoGirl said...

Very mature of her to joke about it.
I'm not a Hirano's fan but I liked this.