Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hirano Aya Riot Tour in Shibuya

"This is the 'Riot Tour,' and I'm going to get riotous. Let's start a riot!" said Hirano Aya at the beginning of the first in her four-concert tour of Japan.

It seems they did. The fans in the pit were so riotous that at one point someone was pushed to the ground and Aya had to ask if they were okay.

As you can see from the photos, she was pulling out all the stops.

It seems to have been a highly successful concert. Fans posting on 2channel were thrilled, and said her live singing and performing were getting better and better, and the atmosphere in the hall was great.

Even someone who said he thought her work at last year's Suzumiya Haruhi concert was "awful" said that this year she had risen to "average." Lol. Hard work is part of who this woman is.

She's not doing big halls -- this one was filled with 1200 people -- but sales are good enough that they have added Yokohama (16 Nov) to the original three-concert tour of Tokyo (Shibuya, 24 Oct), Nagoya (30 Oct), and Osaka (14 Nov). True to her ambitious nature, she said she wanted to do bigger and bigger venues.

Aya, who tears up easily in performance, said she was determined not to cry...until Yokohama. I believe, without a lot of justification, that her family home is around there.

One 2channel poster said he saw Shintani Ryouko and Sakakibara Yui at the concert. Kei, whose blog says she is a "trance singer," was there and said she loved the concert, and thought Aya and the band were both excellent. You can hear some of Kei's work from the links at the right-hand side of her blog page. She says she went with her friend Rapbit, who is a rap singer with the same agency and is a big fan of Aya's. In his blog, he says he loved the concert, too.

Aya acted as her own MC, and according to a report on Sanspo said at one point that Hello! Project producer Tsunku♂, with whom she worked on her recent single, told her to let the rhythm soak into her whole body when she performed. Reports on 2channel suggest that is just what she did.

In the Sanspo report it says that she wore three different pink lame dresses, and sang 17 songs. The concert lasted about two hours, and was entirely her and her new band, which is called Goshasei. This name means "Five Chariot Stars" and refers to Auriga, the charioteer constellation.

This is also a reference to the Nantou Goshasei, a band of fighters in Fist of the North Star, which is one of Aaya's favorite manga series. She has said she hung out with the boys in junior high.

Reports on 2channel were generally favorable about the band, and posts said that the drummer and lead guitarist were both excellent. Aya herself has been featuring the band in recent blog posts.

There was a special section set aside for women, and a couple of posts on 2channel mentioned being surprised at how many female fans were there. Some girls even posted.

Set list:
2. Bouken Desho Desho?
3. MonStAR
4. Aimai Scream
5. Namida, Namida, Namida
6. God knows…
7. Lost my music
8. Maybe I can't good-bye.
10. Harmonia vita
11. Hoshi no Kakera
12. Unnamed world
13. HERO
16. For You
17. Yorokobi no Uta

Most photos above are from the Sanspo report. Below are some photos from Aya's blog, showing the band, and the final rehearsal.

The last photo is of her at a pre-concert mini-live for the media. Below are some photos from her week of rehearsals, including shots of her sleeping, and of her poor feet: because her shoes were chafing her heels as she danced, she went barefoot -- which was almost as bad.


Furuba said...

ooooooo omg :O concerto!!
omg and she's improved?? :D yay!! banzai, wish i could see it =[ now i really want to see her improved live singing~ and even 2ch admits it, that's good, w00t.
lol aya looks so cute in the pic of her in front of her band xD
but wow, 17 songs 8D ahhhh i wanna see T___T she looks so cool
so hard working x3

dingmajiao said...

firstly.. lol.. was waiting for this update.. XD

thx hashihime..
when i read her blog, i was really looking forward to the concert..
though i aint going.

i really want to see her live singing.. and when even those ppl who think it was awful in 2ch admits its average.. then i guess its really 1 hell of a performance..

hopefully there will be a DVD..
and she dun overwork for the whole tour..

hashihime said...

@dingmajiao -- Thanks for reminding me to do this, lol. People on 2channel were talking about a DVD and which performance it might come from. Some people thought that the last performance would be the best one to make a DVD from. I'm pretty sure they will make one, since it would likely make some money.

Emily said...

I'm not a major fan of Aya Hirano's music, but congrats to her on all her hard work paying off :)

Looks like a mad concert xD

danie~ said...

I won't change my opinion on how terrible she was in Gekisou and Animelo 07. But yeah, count me in those who think she had risen to 'average' (in my case, 'decent') after seeing her in Animelo 08 (and not because of the panty flashes), to the point of buying Riot Girl the next morning.. repent much? lol.

It'd be good if this gets into DVD, Yorokobi no Uta live isn't something I want to miss (tho I might have to skip Aimai Scream and Namida3xblergh). And now that she has something real to sell, maybe she will stop releasing those 'date' DVDs..

Anonymous said...

A Hirano Aya concert?!!? Can't wait for the DVD.

Is there a list of songs she performed?

peanutbutter003 said...

Oh wait, there's already a list. Apologies for not seeing that earlier.

Bita26 said...

Ah! the concert looked like a blast... fun and energetic! I'm glad to hear she's getting better and better with every event. Her hard work is definitely showing.

Quick question, is her current band the same one she had back in april? I know you say it's her new band, but some of the members look familiar

hashihime said...

@bita26 -- Good catch. I think they may be the same. At least three of them seem to be.

In April, she referred to nishi-ken as a member. He is a songwriter/arranger who has worked with Tamaki Nami and Nakamura Shouko, too. He did the arrangements for Love Gun, Glitter, Monstar, and Aimai Scream. Back in April, she referred to him as a member of the band, and she has a pic of him more recently at her rehearsals. He programs the music and I does keyboards.

Another member she calls Kurosu-san 黒須さん. He is Kurosu Katsuhiko 黒須克彦 and plays bass. He wrote the music for forget me nots.

And the drummer is Kado-san かどさん (he has changed his hairstyle since April). That would be 角俊太郎 Kado Shuntaro, who is on some of her recordings.

In April, she referred to a fourth member as 勝人(a given name). That would be guitarist Igarashi Kato 五十嵐勝人. This band was together on Hero.

Thanks for stimulating me to search this stuff out.

Bita26 said...

Thank you Hashihime for answering my question and for providing the name of all the members along with great side info.

I thought they were the ones playing with her during that mini concert back in April (I believe it was in Tokyo if I'm not mistaken), but my japanese isn't that great so I couldn't check on her blog to see if any chances had been made.

And in regards of your newest entry, I do appreciate all your Aya posts. Even though she might not be the best singer or seiyuu out there, I still like her unique style and find her to be very likeable and fascinating. So keep up the good work :)