Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hirano Aya Riot Tour -- more photos

Here are some photos from Hirano Aya's blog today. Aya calls the first Riot Tour concert a "big success," and thanks everyone for coming out and supporting her for this landmark event in her life.

And she expresses her pride at having done it: having put on a successful two-hour one-woman show. But she talks about having "a mountain" of things to do better next time, and says they had a meeting to go over the concert afterward. They had all been fearful, but it had come off.

Then they all went out to continue the discussion and to celebrate, and ended up seeing dawn in Shibuya. "This is what it's like after a concert in Tokyo."

Aya says that the biggest effect is to increase her self-confidence. I think she really always has been an underdog, in her own mind. She started as a seiyuu at a very young age. Then she was the youngest member of Springs, and only gradually did more lead singing in it. Then she started this new singing career to widespread criticism from her otaku fans and from music fans. But she works hard, takes advantage of her looks, and gradually makes her way. How far she can go, I don't know. But she is still climbing.

Here she is just stepping out on stage, and then a photo of the crowd, out-of-focus to protect the innocent. Some people who posted on 2channel had seats in the balcony.

Here she is with tambourine, doing Aimai Scream:

She says that the high-heeled boots she wore with the long dress were hard to balance in, and made her seem as if she was standing on tiptoe all the time. The T-shirt and jeans she wore for the encore.

Here she is happy after the show, and with the band, bowing at the very end of the performance:

Apologies to anyone who thinks there is too much Hirano Aya in this blog. This post is for the people who can't get enough.


Paul said...

Thanks for posting!

Furuba said...

and im one of those ppl who can't get enough xD!
hontoni arigatou hashihime-sama for all the aya posts 8D i loveeeee reading them even though i generally don't comment.
but this blog keeps me so up to date with my fav seiyuu, thank you, really. the photos too!!

Asuka said...

I'm also one who can't get enough! Thanks for the post! :D

dingmajiao said...

LOL.. with u posting and covering.. i guess i can relax and take my time to tl and read her recent post..

but yeah.. shes certainly climbing up.. she may not be an excellent singer at the end of the day.. which i think she wont.. but nonetheless she'll be a good if not decent one..

and hopefully next time she could be performing at a bigger stage like what she aims for..

Emily said...

I do love it when she's not doing bikini idol stuff xDDD

Thank you for posting =P