Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seiyuu Tomatsu Haruka -- "nice legs"

I mentioned in my previous post about this great young seiyuu that people say she has "nice legs" but that I couldn't find a photo that showed it. Today a photo was posted on 2channel that somewhat gets the point across (click to enlarge to 1090x1600) :

The first post in reply was: "nice leg" (in English).

A later post also struck my eye:
  • has no interest in anime or manga
  • her voice is too characteristic and there is nothing special about her acting
  • she's not that cute
  • her voice isn't cute
She really has none of the elements that would make her a saleable seiyuu. Why did she become a seiyuu, lol?"

My answers: Who cares what her interests are if she can do the job? Her voice is pretty recognizable, but that doesn't affect her acting skill. She's cute enough. I don't like the basic quality of her voice, either, but the way she uses it in Kannagi is amazing.

I can only imagine that the 2channel poster hasn't watched Kannagi yet. I'm about to see episode 2 and will report back later.

LATER: Another terrific episode. Great animation, especially of expressions, and great voice-acting, not just from Tomatsu-san, but good stuff from Sawashiro Miyuki and Shimono Hiro, as well. Tomatsu does a Yamato nadeshiko that is to die for.


j1m0ne said...

Lol. If you want legs then I've got most of the scans available on the internet in one of my posts. Plus this one.

And who cares about the anti-brigade of anybody on 2channel anyway, they're all dimwitted fools.

hashihime said...

@j1m0ne -- I'd better start going to page two of AnimeNano. I'm missing too many of your great posts. But my reposting that photo is no crime, I guess, even though I think it looks less like her than many do. I'll be interested to see if the words "nice legs" attract a lot of hits.

I actually thought that guy on 2channel wasn't stupid. Just wrong, lol.

Andrew said...

She's got legs, and if she uses them enough times, she should keep 2ch quiet. ;)

Dakuro said...

Yeah, nice legs.

M.L.C.M. said...
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hashi said...

@M.L.C.M. -- No, I wasn't aware of it. The title is Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai, "My Not-nice Senpai." Senpai means student in a higher grade. The star is Kawashima Umika, who is also in the singing group 9nine, which did the ED for Star Driver. Here's some info about it. I see Tomacchan mentioned on this page, but not Kana-chan.

M.L.C.M. said...

@hashihime: Thank you very much.. ^_^

Tim F. said...

Haruka Is Perfect How She Is!!!!!!!!