Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hirano Aya -- Nagoya Riot

In her blog, Hirano Aya 平野綾 has been saying how happy she was with the enthusiasm in the crowd during her Nagoya show last Thursday.

But on 2channel people are complaining about being pushed out of the way as guys rushed the stage, and speak of a fight during the show and a guy bleeding.

Maybe this is real rock-'n'-roll. I believe the ground floor was largely standing-room, with almost a mosh pit in front of the stage, and seating on a mezzanine. (click all photos to enlarge)

There was a special section for girls that I think you can see at the back here.

At one point during Unnamed World, Aya said, she and the whole band unexpectedly jumped up on the stand with the drums and keyboards. She called it great teamwork, so perhaps they did it one by one. During the encore, Aya wept. She apologized for losing control there in her home town. The set-list was the same as in Tokyo (see previous post), but with Namidax3 instead of Breakthrough.

Aya also visited her grandmother, I believe in Nagoya, and saw a photo of her mother wearing the kimono Aya wore to the seiyuu awards earlier this year. These photos are now gone from Aya's blog, so perhaps grandma didn't want them published. My apologies to her, but I think she looks great. Not in the least like Aya, but a solid grandma, and a young-looking 81.

This week in Tokyo, Aya went to a performance at Takarazuka, the all-female musical drama theatre that has been going now for many decades. The women who play leading male roles become idols to their female fans. Aya said it had been a long time since she went and said how thrilled she was to get a signed photo of the leading, uh, lady, of the Snow troupe, Mizu Natsuki. She also bought a photo album of Mizu-san, shot by the well-known photographer Ninagawa Mika (check the link), whose work Aya said she loved:

There's a little puff-piece on ZakZak about the tour, but it has a great quote from Aya: "I'm treating every day as important and spending them as fully as I can. In both my work and my private life, I always want to go full-out." 「一日一日を大事にしながら、 充実した毎日を送って、お仕事でもプライベートでも常に全力投球でいきたいなと思っています」 That sounds like her. One can't help wondering how she goes "full-out" in her private life, however. Unsupported rumors of a relationship with seiyuu rocker Taniyama Kishou, who is twelve years older than Aya, continue to appear on 2channel.


Andrew said...

Riot girl indeed. Her hometown's Nagoya? I thought she grew up in Tokyo. The concert sounds like it was no|Altamont, but was she upset at all by the violence?

hashihime said...

@andrew -- She was born in the Nagoya area, and I believe that's where her family comes from, but I think she has been living in the Tokyo region for quite a while. I'm not sure since what age.

She says nothing about any violence, so either she couldn't see it, didn't want to talk about it, or it wasn't as bad as some posters (or my post) made it out to be. She was just happy that the joint was rockin'.

Altamont? I think not, lol.

dingmajiao said...

Seriously i've no idea she removed the post.. -.-'..

haha maybe her grandma asked her to remove.. like u said..
her grandma look really healthy though..

anyway on the issue of pushing..
i think she did notice the squeezing i think.. in one of the post.. she mention the back of the people swarming forward.. and said pls dun move away from your position or something...

and sadly she cant do it.. after saying she will try not to cry for the tour until yokohama..
i dun really mind though..

nice update anyway.. thx hashihime..