Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sanpei Yuuko and Itou Kanae -- "Sorry, Ami"

Sanpei Yuuko was a guest on Itou Kanae's radio show on Tuesday. Sanpei-san is Nakiami in Bounen no Xamdo. Itou-san is Amu in Shugo Chara. Sanpei-san posted this nice pic on her blog:

Yuuyu (Yuuko's nickname) said that Kanae-chan (right) was really cute, but made it clear that she refrained from sexually harassing her. "Sorry, hubby o(_ _*)o" she added.

Yuuyu's "husband" is Koshimizu Ami. They are good friends and were "married" in a fake radio ceremony last year. Early this month, they appeared together at Waseda University's culture festival, in a talk event sponsored by that top university's "Sister Research Club 早稲田大学妹研究会." Lol.

Kanae-chan turns 22 today, as she apparently revealed on the show, which is called "Itou Kanae's Super-Radio Girls." Here is the show's blog, with more photos. Amu was her first named role.

Yuuyu turned 22 last February. She has been a seiyuu since she was 14, but made her first big hit as Renton in Eureka Seven. She was also Souta for the last half of Otogijushi Akazukin, Elliot Chandler in My-Otome 0~S.ifr~, and is now doing a great job as Nakiami in Bounen no Xamdo. I think she and her friend Ami are two of the top young pros today. In fact, Yuuko is starting to sound like Ami, to me.

Yuuko and Ami both work with the big agency Production Baobab. I just found that the agency has a picture blog, where you can find pics of such of its stars as Fukuyama Jun (it's his 30th birthday), Yajima Akiko, Gotou Yuuko, Ami and Yuuko.

Here are Yuuyu's latest picture of Ami and Ami's latest picture of Yuuyu, from their blogs:


Emily said...

Haha, I think its so cool to have some one so close to you together in the same industry- they're lucky xD